Is Batman and Joker’s Knightmare just a dream in Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

Knightmare streak set the real priority for Snyder envisioned Justice League story-arc which we will soon witness. The freedom that Snyder had on his version of Justice League led him to opt for additional photographs and new shots to accommodate a much more complete, gripping, fan-focused, and well-versed plot. Among these new sequences is the one where Batman and Joker will converse. The scene takes place in the Knightmare timeline, in which Joker can act as an ally of Batman against the evil forces of Darkseid who left Earth in ruins.

However, as Jared Leto talks about a new world “where honor is a distant memory,” we get a faded look at the new Knightmare reality from across the background, and it may not be anymore. a dream Justice League by Zack Snyder. Knightmare is meant to be a premonition of the devastation to come that will turn Superman into evil by Darkseid, wreaking havoc across the entire planet, ending almost all life, and depleting resources. However, this time it’s more than just a dream or premonition, and all of that destruction is actually happening.

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In Justice League by Zack Snyder, Knightmare will connect directly to Joker instead of Batman. According to previous details revealed by Snyder, Joker will help Batman steal the Mother Box which will be useful to send The Flash, turn back time, and warn Bruce of the threat to come. Even in the newly arrived trailer, we can get a glimpse of Barry walking through what looks like a giant blue portal, so we’ll likely see some time travel footage. This particular scene will connect to Ezra Miller’s cameo as The Flash in Batman v. Superman, where he warns Bruce of an impending threat while declaring “Lois is the key”. But what does all this mean for Justice League by Zack Snyder?

The Full Story of Knightmare

Knightmare sees Bruce leading a resistance to stop an evil Superman, his allies and Parademons from further decimating the planet. The only way the team (which has Cyborg, Batman, and The Flash with Aquaman and Wonder Woman deceased) to help stop Darkseid is to send The Flash, in time to warn Bruce before Darkseid’s invasion and prevent it. to kill Lois and turn Superman into evil. But, as shown Batman vs. Superman, Flash comes “too early” in the past, at a time when Bruce is unaware of the existence of a metahuman and sees Superman as the impending danger to the world.

This is what they will try to repeat in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. “And this time the mission would be to keep The Flash from traveling too far into the past and reaching the right time for Bruce, so that he could fully understand the details. Joker would help steal the Mother Box, which should allow to the portal to open and return The Flash.

Why isn’t Knightmare a dream?

Take this: Batman and the rest of the League lose to Steppenwolf, allowing him to join the energy of the Mother Boxes and pave the way for Darkseid’s invasion of Earth. Darkseid kills Lois, turns Superman into evil who in turn murders Aquaman and Wonder Woman. In theory, Justice League by Zack Snyder will feature this defeat probably during the first half of the film.

Moving forward, over the next few years Superman builds his own army of mercenaries, while Batman begins to build resistance. In the new movie trailer, Batman is accompanied by Cyborg when he meets Joker. Batman would now enlist Joker to steal the Mother Box, which can send The Flash back in time. As seen in the trailer, Joker carries a gun and a SWAT kevlar with him. I believe Joker would die in the quest to steal the box, not before handing his weapon to Batman (which I’ll get to later). Now Flash would have had two ends to his time travel; one of which is the “too soon” sequence in Batman v. Superman.

In one version, Flash hits Bruce “too early”, resulting in a complete mission failure. The Future (Knightmare) Batman then resorts to finding other ways to stop Superman, who is Kryptonite. However, he is betrayed by his Resistance members, captured by Superman’s mercenaries and Parademons, and is ultimately killed. [the whole Batman v. Superman Knightmare].

The theory is that the Knightmare from Batman v. Superman takes place after the Knightmare in Justice League by Zack Snyder. This is also supported by a little clue in BvS, where Batman carries a gun with the Joker card on it. Maybe it’s Joker’s weapon he gave Batman.

This entire version will create its own Knightmare timeline. And so it won’t be a dream, but the sad reality that the remaining members of the league would try to erase from existence.

It’s possible that in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, The Flash would be able to reach Batman at the right time, and ultimately, Batman would stop Steppenwolf, Wonder Woman beheading him at the end. It would end the film on a happy note but with hints of a new emerging threat in the form of Darkseid himself (the Justice League in the original timeline would not have faced Darkseid).

The film’s ending teasing Darkseid will also open up plans for the future of Justice League and DCEU, which should follow the Apokolips War storyline. Originally, Snyder wanted Batman to die at the end of his arc. However, it could have been brought back later in the Flashpoint movie, marking the start of a modified alternate timeline.

However, time travel is a complicated piece of science fiction to understand, and we can’t be sure how it fits. Justice League by Zack Snyder. All we know is that there is something dope about this movie to watch and it may set a new precedent for portraying DC characters. And the fact that all of this probably won’t be just a dream makes it more interesting as Knightmare will provide a more satisfying and intriguing storyline to the overall plot. Watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League March 18 on HBO Max.

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