Michael B. Jordan bombed his Star Wars audition and calls it his worst yet

In another reality, Michael B. Jordan could have been a big part of Star wars. The pages of Hollywood history are littered with alternate versions of movies that might have been. We will always have to wonder if they would have been better or worse if things had turned out differently. A recent addition to this endless collection of things to ponder has come from Jordan, the star of Creed and Black Panther. Ultimately, the actor auditioned to be in The Force Awakens. However, according to his account, it did not go well.

Michael B. Jordan has been around lately to promote Without remorse, his new thriller Tom Clancy on Amazon. In a recent interview, he was asked about his worst hearing ever. Jordan determined it was for JJ Abrams while trying out the role of Finn in the force awakens. Here’s what Jordan had to say about it.

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“It was probably the Star wars audition i had with JJ [Abrams], I think. It just wasn’t my best. It was probably my worst yet. “

Ultimately, it was John Boyega who would play Finn, aka FN-2187, alongside Daisy Ridley’s Rey in Episode VII. It was the first new Star wars film under the Disney era and, to say the least, landing that role would have been a huge deal for any actor. We also recently heard from our current Spider-Man, Tom Holland, that he also auditioned for the role of Finn. Likewise, he explained that it did not go well. As Michael B. Jordan says, the secrecy of the audition process didn’t help matters.

“I just couldn’t wrap my brain around certain sides. When you read for these high profile projects, there’s never really specificity in the sides. Everything is super gray and a secret. I just couldn’t connect it. Definitely bombed that one for sure … I’m pretty sure I went from there. “

At this time, Michael B. Jordan was a rising star, having starred in films like Fruitvale Station as well as the acclaimed series Friday night lights. He wasn’t quite the A-List star we know today. Had he landed a major role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, everything would have been different. Maybe we don’t get Creed. Maybe he doesn’t play Killmonger in Black Panther. Maybe John Boyega isn’t becoming a full-fledged star. It is a road paved with interesting questions.

In the end, everything went well for everyone involved. the force awakens made over $ 2 billion and successfully reintroduced Star wars to the masses. Michael B. Jordan found another route to Hollywood’s A-list and has since starred in hits such as Creed, Creed II and Black Panther. Then Jordan will cut his teeth as a director behind the camera for Creed III. This news comes to us via Variety.

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