No Way Home will not stop trolling fans eagerly awaiting the trailer

Some fans expecting a Spider-Man: No Path Home With the trailer arriving today, it looks like the film’s official Twitter account just couldn’t help but troll those eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of Tom Holland’s latest Peter Parker outing.

This morning, @SpiderManMovie retweeted a meme showing a forked road marked “OMG ITS ARRIVING TODAY 9AM EST” on a right-turning car titled “Spider-man twitter” veering towards it. The other option of the route is marked “Don’t guess and just wait for the trailer”. Along with the meme, they posted the comment “pls keep left” which means that as of yet there is no trailer to see.

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The original meme poster, Spider-Man No Way Home News and Countdown, responded to the message by asking, “For how long exactly?” Of course, there was no response but until the hour passed many refused to believe that the trailer would not arrive at 9 a.m. However, as many expected, we found that the wait was getting a bit longer.

When everyone seems to be waiting for the trailer to drop, the slightest hint of anything moving leads to a mass of speculation and conjecture as to when and when that glorious moment may arrive. Whether it was Tom Holland’s birthday or Loki’s arrival on Disney +, there was always a possibility that the elusive first look at No way home came on a lot. For now, all they have is a number of fake YouTube trailers and the constant trolling of the official account.

In the hopes that Spidey’s new adventure ties into the Marvel Multiverse, which we already know provides much of the new Doctor strange movie, and is currently explained in a little more detail in Loki, which deals heavily with the idea of ​​multiple branching realities controlled and aligned by the all-seeing time variation authority. It wouldn’t be a stretch to believe the Spider-Man trailer wouldn’t drop before Loki is done considering that the multiverse is at the center of both stories.

Sony Pictures chairman Sandford Panitch explained the multiverse and how it will appear in No way home in a previous interview with Variety. “There is actually a plan,” he said. “I think now maybe it’s getting a little clearer to people where we’re headed and I think when No way home fate, even more will be revealed. The good thing is we have this great relationship with Kevin. There is an amazing sandbox to play with. We want those MCU the movies are absolutely huge, because it’s great for us and our Marvel characters, and I think it’s the same on their side. But we have a great relationship. There are a lot of opportunities, I think, that are going to arise. “

That’s a long way from when fans believed it could all fall apart around them when, for a brief moment, Marvel and Sony seemed to go their separate ways. However, this is now clearly a thing of the past. As for the future, with the Eternals the first trailer just released a few weeks ago, it’s likely that Spidey’s moment in the sun will come next month.

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