Pierce Brosnan succeeds in the heist of the century

No good deed goes unpunished in this summer’s cinematic heist vehicle, The Misfits, which will see James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan look like a suave, elusive criminal, and lead a team of misfit crooks in a heist for the ages. Like most films released in 2021, The Misfits will receive a double release, premiering in theaters on June 11, and digital and on-demand on June 15.

Directed by Renny Harlin, The Misfits will focus on a group of international crooks who recruit Richard Pace de Brosnan, a suave and seemingly insatiable criminal, in order to achieve what will surely be the score of a lifetime. However, it won’t be any ordinary banking job, and Pace soon learns that in order to steal over a million dollars in gold, he and his new team will have to infiltrate a maximum security prison in the Middle East and extract their score upon exit. under the nose of corrupt prison owner Warner Schultz, who uses gold to finance terrorism around the world.

Judging from what the trailer offers, this job will be unlike anything Pace or any of those other modern Robin Hoods have ever attempted, and will require more than just fast cars, forged identities and explosions for the team to walk. away with even their freedom.

No stranger to heist films, director Renny Harlin achieved commercial success with two similar action films in the early ’90s, with the 1990’s Die hard after, Die hard 2, and the mountain thriller led by Stallone in 1993, Suspense. His success, however, hit a wall in 1995 when his pirate adventure, Cutthroat island went on to be a critical and commercial flop, going so far as to be named “the biggest box office bomb of all time” by the Gunnies Book of World Records, losing around 147 million. Harlin has enjoyed varying degrees of success since the ’90s, with several other of his films being nominated for the Golden Raspberry Awards since. Cutthroat island, even if The Misfits seeks to bring Harlin back to her action roots, hopefully for the best.

The Misfits poster

Aside from the veteran actor Pierce brosnan, who has seen steady work for more than four decades, most notably playing British super-spy James Bond, the cast is completed by a group of rising action stars. Hermione Corfield, has held roles in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, and most recently starred in the indie-horror sleeper hit, Sea fever, while her co-star Jamie Chung, is easily recognized as the deadly assassin Miho from Frank Millar’s City of Sin adaptations.

Meanwhile, Thai pop artist Mike d Angelo will make his American film debut, alongside writer and producer-turned-actor Rami Jaber, while TV host Nick Cannon rounds out the cast of Thieves. However, many will recognize Cannon, either from his escape role in 2002 Drumline, or its various accommodation concerts, which include The Americas have talent, the masked singer, and MTV’s Wild N ‘Out. The Misfits will burst into theaters on June 11 and see a home release on June 15.

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