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Scary, Cannibal Love Story, “Bones and All” arrives on demand

With only a few weeks left until M3GAN opens in theaters in Hollywood, and producer Jason Blum had a blast at last night’s premiere.

The film is the director’s upcoming horror film Gerard Johnstone. Tell the story of the holder AI Child Companion who seems to go above and beyond her caretaker duties to sacrifice the people who drive her crazy.

At last night’s premiere in Hollywood, red carpet guests were treated to a special performance by eight actors who dressed as M3GAN and mimicked his now-viral twirl down the hall. Set to Taylor Swift’s “It’s Nice to Have a Friend,” the same band also played inside the theater and at the after party.

Not to be inferior to M3GAN The crew Jason Blum, the producer of the horror film, donned a wig, dark glasses and a bow to help promote the film.

“I love to get into drag no matter what the occasion, but to have the opportunity to wear my M3GAN suit again was a dream come true,” said Blum. The Hollywood Reporter on the carpet. “I begged mine [communications] team to let me do it again, and in the end they said yes.”

Yes, you heard that right: again. The maker has worn the suit once before and says he likes it. So much so that he may even do it again for Halloween 2023.

The special effects of the film are what will sell it and the M3GAN really is a technical marvel. The team built a special prototype in some scenes, relying on other techniques for others.

“The challenge of the film was M3GAN, obviously,” he said. “I made some mistakes with the special effects and so I didn’t start pre-production until I had the M3GAN down perfectly. We worked on M3GAN for a year to figure out how much practical effects, how much VFX and how much CGI we wanted to use to create it. Sometimes I wanted the audience to forget she’s a robot, and sometimes I wanted them to remember she’s a robot.”

M3GAN opens in theaters on January 6.

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