The Falcon and the Winter Soldier still haven’t answered an extremely crucial question

According to MCU’s track record, no one expected it The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to end on the note he made – solve all the issues he raised, give his characters a satisfying closure, and finish every end. Oh wait … all the loose ends weren’t tied after all. For those who don’t remember, the Disney + series voiced the question that was on the minds of every MCU fan, namely, where is Steve Rogers? The final came and went, the query was never resolved. But we might have some plausible answers. There is SPOILERS coming for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier final.

The elephant in the room, i.e. the question of where Steve Rogers is, was raised in the first episode of the series itself and it was established that the general public, including Joaquin Torris who is in the Air Force and even helped Sam on many missions, believes he is on the moon.

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This mistaken fact was brought up again in the final episode, when one of the RCMP senators saw Sam in the new Captain America costume and exclaimed that he thought Steve was on the moon. While a fun and humorous addition, he’s one of the most popular and beloved MCU characters whose location and status is currently MIA.

Since he’s definitely not on the moon, where is he?

Steve Rogers is no longer alive? As old Steve Rogers walks in to meet Sam and hand over the shield to Avengers: Endgame,it is at least over 100 years old. And while he’s been pretty good thanks to the Super Soldier Serum flowing through his veins, the path The Falcon and the Winter Soldierbegins gives the idea that Steve didn’t live long after that. The ceremony in the first episode, where Sam handed Captain America’s shield to the government, looked a lot like a funeral for the former Avenger.

There’s also the fact that throughout the episodes, whenever Sam and Bucky talked about their mutual friend, they would mention him in the past tense like he’s no longer between them. Also, what other reason there would be for neither of them contacting Steve for much needed advice or guidance, especially when Sam was in conflict over the shocking truth Isaiah Bradley told him or when Bucky was busy blaming himself? for his actions as the Winter Soldier? The reason certainly can’t be the fact that Steve is too old to help in any way?

Well, there is also another possibility. Steve is on an alternate timeline. In a podcast by Cinemablendthis year, the Russo Brothers established that when Captain America stepped back in time End of Game and made the decision to stay with Peggy, a branch reality was created that is different from the main timeline. It makes sense as if Caps’ decision to stay in the past is part of the main timeline, events until End of Gamewould have been seriously affected.

So he tripto the actual timeline, gave the shield to Sam, then returned to his branch reality. So, now that Steve is in a totally different reality, it is impossible to contact him.

He’s alive and in the main timeline.

While what the Russo Brothers said made more sense, around the time of Endgame’s release, its writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely shared a conversation with Collider their view that Cap was simply going back in time and staying theirs didn’t create a new timeline. He just continued to exist alongside another Steve Rogers who continued to fight Thanos, then flipped back in time to Peggy, creating a time loop.

So according to that, he’s alive and well in the main timeline and may be busy enjoying his retirement and not caring much about the welfare of his friends anymore. But it seems too different from the Steve who only thought of him once in his life when he made the decision to stay behind. If he’s in the main timeline, wouldn’t he sometimes make accounts with his friends? We don’t think Sam and Bucky would look so sad and nostalgic thinking of him if he existed in their timeline – it’s like they’ve lost him forever and therefore are motivated to live up to the challenge. of the expectations he had from them. All episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldierare now streaming on the official Disney + app.

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