The Witcher teases a mysterious release date, but what’s the point?

Looking forward to Netflix revealing a trailer, production update, release date … whatever’s really … about its upcoming The witcher projects, the morning started with a weird and unexpected revelation – a release date from the official Twitter account of The witcher game series that asked @WitcherNetflix if they were free on July 9. The question that no one knows the answer to, is what do they need to be free for? With so much going on in the world of The Witcher right now, there’s no way to guess what this relates to, but it is suggested that this is most likely a release date. for the animated spin-off. The wolf’s nightmare. Here is how it went.

The official Twitter handle @wichergame launched the channel at noon today, sending out the tweet that read, “Hey @WitcherNetflix, are you free on July 9?” The Neflix account then sent “Hi, @CDPROJEKTRED! Of course you want to meet? This led to the game account responding to both, “It’s a date!”

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Twitter immediately exploded with retweets, questions, theories and more as fans tried to figure out what was to come on July 9. While some have suggested that it could be Season 2 of Nexflix’s main series Witcher, it’s far too early for that, and so are their. Origin of blood spin off. While this may be a day to announce the release dates for these two items, it is something that is expected or at least that will be discussed during the Geek Week event which ends today and which is said to bring out the Witcher big guns like its final.

Later today, we’ll find out if we get a release date or first trailer for the second season of The Witcher from Geek Week, and the result of this may help to clear some of the options presented from the slate. The favorite of the moment is the arrival of The wolf’s nightmare, a 2D animated spin-off that’s listed among Netflix’s upcoming films but has no release date yet. The film focuses on the origin of Geralt’s mentor, Vesemir, and aside from its premiere this year, Netflix has been silent on when it should drop.

So the question that remains now is whether Netflix would showcase the film pretty much without any sort of trailer or advance warning of a premiere date? It doesn’t seem likely. A trailer for this movie would seem more of a viable option, or we could have it all upside down and we could see theThe Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare trailer today, featuring The Witcher Season 2 or Origin of blood get their first official preview next month. One thing is for sure, fans are going to be following this one to the end with build anticipation set to erupt by July 9. It’s almost like someone has sat down and planned everything to do just that.

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