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“Callisto Protocol” gets six months of Season Pass content

The Callisto Protocol has finally dropped and many of us have enjoyed the cold depths of hell and battled against a terrifying new breed of evil goodies. Of course, this also means that many of us breezed through the game. So it may have left some of us wondering where a New Game+ was. Fortunately, the DLC coming in February includes New Game+ as well as a hardcore mode. Joy!

This first piece of content is titled Outer Way Skin Collection. This kicks off six months of DLC that should prompt many of us to continue our journey into deep space. There will be some ancillary pieces of DLC that include things like new death animations and a permadeath mode.

Biggie arrives in summer 2023 with real new story elements. We can’t wait to see where that DLC story takes us.

Summary for The Callisto Protocol it goes like this:

It was directed by Glen Schofield, who previously co-created the Dead Space series. The game’s story follows Jacob Lee (Josh Duhamel), who is sent to a prison located on the Jovian moon Callisto, battling prisoners infected with an unknown disease while uncovering the facility’s dark secrets.

The Callisto Protocol The DLC begins its release on February 7th.

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