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Holidays, Celebration and Commemoration Student playwrights

Recently, I invited middle school and high school writers to share their voices and perspectives on a holiday, holidays, or memories through their original monologues.

We were delighted with the incredible response we received to our call, and we are so grateful to all those who shared their work with us.

Congratulations to the following student playwrights whose monologues have been chosen for publication in a Theaterfolk resource book that will be released later this year.

night of the Broken Glass of Ariella Green
A Holi Hazard of Khyati Eda
Sorry of Sophia Kanior
Pride Day of Grace Hinkle
Christmas of Grace Hinkle
Flag Day of Grace Hinkle
Extraordinary of Allison Hurd
Can I be okay too? of Ruhi Tabassum
Please say one last goodbye of Kylah Renehan
Why can’t I keep you with me? of Kylah Renehan
Another year, another sphere of Dreana Henry
My birthday funeral of Charlie Smith
My autism day of Angelina Parker
Mother’s Day plans of Calliope Yannuzzi
Operation Christmas of Lola Frey
Happy birthday of Sophie Petronzio
Contradictory expectations of Jake Katz
Winter solstice of Lily Couture
I have something important to tell you of Cornwell in Irish
Diwali and Hindi of Shikhar Misra
Happy Father’s Day, Dad, wherever you are of Tiara Zjana Linne Delubiar
The groundhog day ritual of Madelyn Davies
Happy birthday of Ainsley Owens
The proposal of Molly Moody
Vegan Thanksgiving of Alexandra Adamo
Stocking stuffing of Suray Vargas
My own birthday of Ella Munson-Jackson
Turn the tide of Maddie Snyder

Congratulations to all the participating student playwrights and make sure you keep checking out our site for the launch of our collection of holiday monologue, holiday and remembrance student collection resources.

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