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Matthew Lillard is getting ready to star in a vampire movie

Matthew Lillard is well-liked in the horror community. Its role in Scream it’s a stopwatch. However, he kept that train full Thirteen ghosts, Hackers, SLC Punk, Twin Peaks: The Return and other. In a recent major move, he set up a production company called Midnite Movie Club. The first of the company’s films will be none other than a vampire movie entitled Let them die.

Midnite Movie Club is the child of Lillard and director Bill Whirity. One of the most interesting things about their production company is that it will be part of the NFT business. That’s right, their first movie, Let them die it will be an NFT.

The goal? Well, let’s create a “decentralized” model in which the public will have control over what the company does. NFT owners will also finance whole or partial projects. It’s a really interesting way to bring supporters and producers on board.

The downside? Well, his NFTs. The general public either doesn’t know what an NFT is or hates it with blind rage. So, this in itself is going to be a difficult battle … at least initially. But if someone smarter than me realizes that the whole NFT funding thing has to do with the movie, then it could really drive the future and be a major part of indie movies.

Kevin Smith is also leading a NFT-supported project for his next horror film Killroy was here.

“NFTs, blockchain and Web3 are the future of the Internet. In the years to come, this technology will revolutionize many aspects of our daily lives, and the film industry is no exception. ” Lillard and Whirity said in a statement. “Most people think that NFTs are just a work of art, but the technology behind them is what makes Midnite Movie Club possible. MMC is a private community, such as a country club or gym, and NFT acts as a membership card. It’s your key to the kingdom, so to speak, and that’s how you’ll vote and help filmmakers develop their films. Using this system, viewers will be able to vote for both films that receive green approval and creative decisions that filmmakers make to the community during production. Here are some examples of things you can vote for: deciding which actors we will make the first offers for, choosing the costumes, props, or creature, choosing our movie poster design, and more. In addition to choosing which films the company will produce, the community will also have exclusive access to special features such as watching audition tapes, scenery photos and videos, concept art and storyboarding, and participating in Live AMA and touring. live on set. ”

I’m interested to see how this goes, and of course I’m looking forward to Lillard in a vampire movie!

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