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Plays and translations into Spanish

Are you looking for plays for your Spanish students? These pieces are available for production or class work and all have relevant and identifiable themes with modest technical requirements. Perfect for student performers!

The BoxA Spanish translation * of the game box with vignettes from the middle school.

Sometimes we choose the way the world sees us. Black box – indestructible. Jewelry box – simple on the outside, shiny on the inside. Sometimes our box is defined by others – our parents, our friends, our enemies. A box built by others can feel small, fenced, impossible.

How do we handle the boxes imposed because of our sex? Our race? Under pressure from colleagues? Under pressure from parents? Do we have to live with our box for the rest of our lives? Can we change?

Learn more and read examples of free pages from La Caja (Spanish translation of Box)

Mirame in Los Ojos

A Spanish translation * of Look Me in the Eye.

The teenagers of the future are obedient, polite, and respectful. This is largely due to the “observation sessions” requested by the government. But there is a dark side to this utopian vision.

After learning that her brother is scheduled to be “observed,” one of the most obedient students begins to question the system. She has to decide whether to stay obedient or talk and face the consequences.

Learn more and read examples of free pages from Mírame en los Ojos (Spanish translation of Look Me in the Eye)

Anxiety is OrangeA Spanish translation * of the vignette play Anxiety is Orange.

Colors can be symbolic. Red is fiery. Purple is royal. The blue is soothing. Sometimes colors can get too meaningful. I can’t meet you – you’re wearing wenge! He sent yellow flowers! Orange gives my brother anxiety!

Join the characters in this cartoon as they navigate the world, each other, and the green, gray, blue, red, pink, yellow, and orange around them. Does orange make you anxious?

Learn more and read examples of free pages from La Ansiedad es Naranja (Spanish translation of Anxiety is Orange)

It's not going anywhere

Ale, Miguel, Mami and Papa’s Mexican family are struggling to cope while ICE tries to separate them.

Miguel wants nothing more than to go nowhere, while Ale is desperate to leave and follow the theater. This works while Miguel works and helps at home, and Ale goes to classes and rehearsals, but when Miguel is no longer there, Ale has to choose between her future and her family.

Learn more and read examples of free pages from Not Going Anywhere

* Special thanks to Angelika Menendez for the Spanish translations.

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