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Recommended Theater Play – Moonbow Miraculous by Kirk Shimano

Welcome to Spotlight Play. Moonbow Miraculous is an absolutely incredible drama for middle and high school students that is filled with vivid characters and relevant messages. A must read for productions or class work!

“If one has a secret that is close to his heart, the glow of the moon’s arc will give him the courage to share his true self.”

Moonbow Miraculous is a series of vignettes that explore the coming-of-age theme, reflecting the infinite diversity of the experience by adding everything from robots to talking donuts into the mix.

It is a celebration of choices, courage and the joy of self-discovery.

Why did I publish this piece?
We love this track. We loved it from the very first reading. It is full of vivid characters and wild imagination. It has a sincere and relevant message. It provides wonderful acting opportunities for all students. Kirk said of the origins of this piece that “At some point in our lives, we will all be faced with the challenge of having to define what we are (and what we are not), and I hope that sharing this fun journey makes that process to feel. a little less lonely.” We support this 100%.

Let’s hear from the author!

1. Why did you write this piece?
While there are a number of great coming out stories, they tend to focus on one person’s experience and their personal obstacles. By juxtaposing several vignettes, I wanted to explore the many different ways we find ourselves.

I also wanted a chance to play in the sandbox of the imagination, so we ended up with a story with talking donuts and non-binary robots.

2. Describe the theme in one or two sentences.
This piece explores that no matter how different we are, we all have that moment where we discover who we are and declare it to the world. It’s a terrifying process that is ultimately worth the risk.

3. What is the most important visual material for you in this piece?
The final moment is a simple hand-holding, but it is a symbol of the kinship that I hope anyone who experiences this piece feels.

4. If you could give one piece of advice to those producing the piece, what would it be?
I hope this play welcomes theatricality, so I wouldn’t want anyone producing the play to get too caught up in exactly what a robot should look like or how to stage a rainstorm. Instead, I think the key element is tapping into the humanity of all characters (especially the ones who aren’t actually human) to engage the audience.

5. Why is this play great for student performers?
Thematically, I expect that many students are at a point in their lives when they are exploring their identities just as many of the characters in this play are. Hopefully they will be able to see themselves in these roles in a rewarding way.

Logistically, there is endless opportunity in the number of ways these characters can be presented, so I think any group of students can find a way to make this show happen.

6. Do you have any advice for people who want to play this game online or socially distanced?
Each of these scenes is an interaction between two individuals, so I think the key is finding a way to convey that intimacy online. For example, I think taking extra care to make sure their eye lines meet so we can see them sharing a conversation will help build the sense of personal interaction.

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