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Summary: First week activities

The first week of a new term is a busy one. Teachers need to introduce themselves, go through the rules and procedures, learn the names of the students and establish a sense of trust, community and security. But we are here to help. The following are activities and warm-ups that you can use to help your students take the drama class and start the first week of classes with the right foot:

Ten activities from the first week for theater classes
It’s right there in the title – ten (free!) Activities to break the ice, build trust and build community.

Start the first day of drama class correctly
Find out the names of your students, learn a little about them, and find out why they’re taking your theater class.

Learning the rules: the game play
Sitting and listening to the rules is boring. Put your students on their feet and show them how they should and shouldn’t behave in theater class.

Three things in common
This game goes beyond “we both take drama” or “we both have brown hair” and helps students get to know each other better.

Heating activities that encourage communication
Here are a bunch of activities that get your students involved in communication that go beyond just talking. They focus on vocal technique and clarity, active listening and nonverbal communication – the basics for building a foundation.

Active listening in the theater
Active listening is another important skill that students need to succeed in theater class. This article contains a number of activities that help students practice active listening.

Heating activities to build trust
Make it easy for your students to enter the theater classes with these full group activities, which have low pressure but a lot of fun. These activities can be adapted for in-person or online learning.

Non-verbal communication exercises for theater class
The idea of ​​speaking in public or reading aloud in class, especially at the beginning of the term, can be intimidating for some students, especially if they are newborns in the theater. Try these nonverbal exercises that focus on communication, movement, and intention, all without words.

Question of the day
Bring your students into the mentality of theater classes with this beginning class activity.

As a bonus, here are some of our tried and tested articles on classroom management tips:

Top 10 Classroom Management Tips for Theater Teachers
This article comes with a free download of the emergency activities you have on hand for those “just in case” situations.

5 Ways to Quiet a Noisy Theater Course (No Screaming)
If your students are noisy, this article will be useful to you!

3 tips to quickly learn students’ names
So. Many. Name. This article provides tips as well as three name games to help you.

Creating a connection with your students
When there is a genuine connection between teacher and student, there are so many positive outcomes in the classroom, including a sense of positive energy, greater risk-taking, deeper absorption of lessons, and visible enjoyment of the subject.

Click here for an additional heating game: Pattern Pass.

Kerry Hishon is a director, actor, writer and stage fighter from London, Ontario, Canada. She writes on the blog at www.kerryhishon.com.

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