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Tons of big, huge, huge prompts!

Sometimes you just need a little prompt to serve your purpose, but other times you need a bunch of big, HUGE, GIANT suggestions! To get your students thinking big, we have a gigantic list of 50 gigantic (colossal, enormous) prompts below, with another 50 huge (immense, mammoth) prompts on offer at the bottom of this article.

Here are five exercises you could use giant pointers for:

  • Exercise for the giant mime team: Have students work together to mime lifting a huge object, all at the same time. What if someone starts to wobble and lose their grip?
  • Painting scene: Divide students into groups of four. Have them create a frozen picture where one or more students are giant and the rest are miniature.
  • Playwriting exercise: Write a scene where a detective has to track down a criminal mastermind. The criminal mastermind steals huge objects using a chemical compound that makes objects small.
  • Stage Challenge: Using the premise from the Playwriting Exercise above, answer the following questions:
    • How would you stage the miniature object?
    • How would you stage the same item in a giant form?
    • How would you stage the transformation of the article from giant to tiny (or vice versa)?
  • Improvement exercise: Improvise a scene where the characters get lost in a giant location.

Be sure to check out our full collection of prompts for even more inspiration!

  1. A stadium
  2. A villa
  3. A palace
  4. A castle
  5. A skyscraper
  6. A dessert
  7. Grand Canyon
  8. Niagara falls
  9. The Great Barrier Reef
  10. Dubai Mall
  11. Maelstrom vortex
  12. Trans Canada Highway
  13. St. Peter’s Basilica
  14. Mount Fuji
  15. The Great Pyramid of Giza
  16. A monument
  17. A cruise ship
  18. A freight train
  19. A monster truck
  20. A transport truck
  21. Ocean
  22. A tornado
  23. An iceberg
  24. A blue whale
  25. An elephant
  26. A rhinoceros
  27. A hippopotamus
  28. An ostrich
  29. A giant Flemish rabbit
  30. A jellyfish with a lion’s mane
  31. An anaconda
  32. A leatherback turtle
  33. A Mastiff dog
  34. A great dane dog
  35. Clifford, the Big Red Dog
  36. A dinosaur
  37. A redwood tree
  38. A coast redwood tree
  39. An important decision
  40. A lottery jackpot
  41. Birth of a child
  42. Buying your first home
  43. Graduation day
  44. First day of school
  45. The first day of your first job
  46. A wedding
  47. A fairy tale giant
  48. A galaxy
  49. A comet
  50. Planet Jupiter

Click here for 50 more massive requests.

Kerry Hishon is a director, actor, writer and stage fighter from London, Ontario, Canada. She blogs at www.kerryhishon.com.

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