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10 awesome DIY Halloween decorations that will inspire you

Halloween is over it’s still in theaters and doing well. However, the divisive nature of the film is causing audiences to engage in many online discourses. There was even a petition started by some angry fans on Halloween for a re-recording Halloween is over.

The film shifts focus from Michael Myers by bringing in a new Haddonfield character and has a few people screaming at their parents’ basement walls. The stars of the previous Halloween movies, Taylor Scout-Compton and Danielle Harris, weren’t happy about the new movie either and let it be known.

the harris and compton podcast, Talk scary to me dug in their recent screening of the new David Gordon Green film and the verdict was not good.

“It was a really great story if it was about a new serial killer and what it was like for someone to become a serial killer…” Compton said. “But then they kind of threw Michael Myers in there, I thought.”

“Where are the kills? where is michael What the hell is going on?” Harris agreed.

That seemed to be many people’s response to the film. I understand. However, if you even go back to the first one Halloween, you’ll find that Myers doesn’t get very much screen time. If you show too much of the monster, it loses its ability to scare the audience. So I think it’s important to look at that. Probably Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies spent the most time with the character on screen.

“I was mortified when he went into that tunnel and [Corey] it almost kicks her ass. I was mortified,” Compton said. “I almost couldn’t watch, I was so traumatized by what was happening.”

Myers was 65 and covered in scar tissue Halloween is over. He had spent years alone underground. A 20-year-old, driven by evil, may have advantages against a senior citizen.

“I know how hard it is to make movies. I also don’t want to offend anyone who made the film. It’s just our opinion,” Compton said. “Now I understand when people have opinions about my movies and your movies — I do.”

Compton obviously feels kind of bad about not liking the movie. Not every movie will resonate with everyone. I really liked it Halloween is over but it took me three hours to realize that these films were a Haddonfield trilogy and not a Myers or Strode trilogy.

All of these comments add to the swirling discourse that it is Halloween is over.

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