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5 Older Animal Horror Movies That Need an IMAX and 3-D Redux

Now that Jaw is getting a re-release in IMAX and RealD 3-D for Labor Day weekend, we thought there were other “man vs. nature’ that could use this updated treatment. Instead of remaking these horror classics, why not repurpose the originals into immersive modern experiences?

Whether or not remains to be seen Jaw it was worth the effort. Tickets for the Spielberg classic are already selling like hotcakes for the film’s September 2 re-release. But it got us thinking, what other older films featuring animals should get a giant-screen, 3-D overhaul?

Cujo (1983)

Lewis Teague is among the small group of directors who have properly adapted a King novel. As with most film versions, there are parts of the novel that have been changed. Fortunately, that’s not a problem with this nail biter. From insane camera work to outstanding performances, Whoo is the perfect candidate for an IMAX display.

Grizzlies (1976)

Capitalizing on his success Jaw, Grizzlies brought terror to the forest long before Friday the 13th did it in 1980. In fact, this little film became the biggest indie hit of 1976. What might seem like an easy cash grab is actually a terrifying film with plenty of effective scares to make you you think twice about your next family trip to Montana.

Sleepwalkers (1992)

Although not technical a nature film, Sleepwalkers features shape-shifting thirsty cats. This stinker from 1992 has become a cult favorite and deserves to be brought back to the bigger screen. It would be the first incestuous horror film to do so. While the special effects are rudimentary, the practical ones are amazing.

This is another Stephen King original. Unfortunately, it’s not his best work, but seeing it in modern 3-D might be the push he needs to take it from so-so to So wonderful!

Lake Placid (1999)

Who among you would not want to see this classic in IMAX and 3-D? This 1999 nature horror film could be compared to Jaw in terms of fear and design. Like Spielberg’s opposite Great White, this title spawned many terrible sequels, but the original has a place in our prehistoric hearts.

Another thing Lake Placid uses is a cameo by Betty White as a badass naturalist who loves animals more than people. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how great it would be to hear White on a giant screen say her infamous line, “If I had a dick, this is where I’d tell you to suck it!”?

Eight-Legged Freaks (2002)

Even though this movie is about insects and not animals, we’d still love to see it in an IMAX theater presented in 3-D. The special effects are stunning and fit for the 3-D treatment. David Arquette, fresh off his success in Scream trilogy gets dirty in the Arizona desert with some giant spiders.

Of all the titles listed here, this is the most recent, so it might be easier to update. Given that the RealD 3-D polish would add a dimension to this film that non-arachnophobic fans could appreciate.

To get your tickets for the Labor Day relaunch Jaw, visit the website.

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