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8 Valentine’s Day movies to keep you cynical about love

There’s nothing worse than walking into a big box store and seeing their displays of Valentine’s Day products piled high. For those who are unattached, recently broken up, ghosted, or just trying to get their groove back, the giant pink and red reminders tug at the heartstrings.

We at iHorror understand the plight of people who don’t trust romance. As Wednesday Addams said, “I wish I cared more.” But alas, if you suddenly snap out of it and realize there’s someone for everyone, and heartache is just an adverse effect of brain chemicals, we’d like to suggest watching the films below to bring you back into the antisocial mindset.

Of course, we hope that everyone finds lasting love in their lives, but if there was ever a reason to doubt it, take a look at our Anti-Valentine’s Day movies.

Next (2015)

Jamie Height has sex with her boyfriend Hugh, which seems normal enough, she’s an adult. But what she doesn’t know is that Hugh has passed on a paranormal sexually transmitted disease. When he finds out it’s already too late.

It follows it’s a cautionary tale about trusting someone enough to let them take an intimate part of you, but not realizing they’re leaving you with something much worse.

Get Out (2017)

of Jordan Peele classic takes it turns what should be a regular meet-the-parents ritual on its head, literally. Chris Washington is a great photographer and his girlfriend Rose wants him to meet her parents who live in the country. At first the meeting is pleasant, but something seems off.

Rose’s mother is helpful by curing Chris’s cigarette addiction, but maybe he’s not the one she’s trying to help. Just when you have a strong idea of ​​what go out will be, it turns into something completely different. Never let your girlfriend take you to the second location.

The War of the Roses (1989)

Barbara (Kathleen Turner) and Oliver (Michael Douglas) play roses in this classic black comedy. They’ve been married for nearly two decades, but when things start to sour in the relationship, Barbara wants out.

Oliver is not satisfied with his future wife’s list of material demands, and so begins a battle within the household that rivals that of Stirling Bridge. Nothing is spared in this pyrrhic victory, and the Roses ultimately discover that they never should have said, “I do.”

Pearl (2022)

Although the details are unclear as to what transpired between this film and its predecessor X, Pearl it’s about giving up your love for fame. A farm girl has big dreams of becoming a movie star, but is thwarted at every turn. From her mother’s disapproval to her wealthy sister-in-law, Pearl can’t catch a break.

That is until he meets a handsome young projectionist in town. Let’s just say what would normally be a little fling turns into a nasty fling.

Fresh (2022)

This 2022 Hulu Original topped many critics’ lists last year. This might be the most anti-Valentine movie on this list.

Noa is a Portland native who is disappointed by the types of men she finds online. But it turns out she doesn’t even need a dating app because she meets Steve the old-fashioned way: while shopping at a supermarket.

Everything seems fine, that is until they return to Steve’s house for another date and Noa discovers that Steve isn’t buying any products the day they met. Horrible and messy, Fresh it can make you not want to date a nice guy again.

Run Sweetheart Run (2022)

Cherie, a single mother, works as a secretary at a law firm. One night, her boss insists on meeting a client for dinner. Afraid of falling out of favor with her boss, Cherie agrees and meets the man at his posh home. The night is already off to a terrible start because Cherie has started her period and is out of tampons.

What looks like it could turn into a budding romance quickly dies when the client physically assaults Cherie, leaving her to roam the city streets at night bleeding and without a lifeline. Her attacker also begins to relentlessly pursue her, saying that if she survives the night, he will leave her alone for good.

The Invisible Man (2020)

Cecilia Kass wants out of her abusive and controlling marriage, and as luck would have it, that seems to be achieved as her malevolent husband Adrian ends his own life. Or so we think.

Adrian is a brilliant optical engineer who developed an invisibility suit. After faking his death, he freely roams the world undetected, torturing Cecilia with acts of violence and gas. This twisted and violent film does Sleeping with the enemy looks like a Disney movie.

Midsummer (2019)

After the credits started rolling on Midsommar, the question on almost everyone’s lips was “who would you have chosen?” If you don’t get that reference, then you haven’t seen the movie, which is a shame because it’s a doozy.

Dani Ardor is a psychology student who is deeply traumatized by the death of her sister and parents. Her growing anxiety is only exacerbated by her broken and soft-spoken boyfriend, Christian, who invites her to join him and his friends on what is supposed to be a “boy’s trip” to Sweden.

What the group encounters there is a folk commune with deeply traditional and disturbing rites and rituals. Christian proves to be an immoral and untrustworthy friend, causing Dani to question her own righteousness.

These are just 8 movies that we think are the perfect companions if you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day. Tell us your favorite Valentine’s Day movie in the comments.

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