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  • A new photo from ‘The Munsters’ features Lily and Count Orlock

A new photo from ‘The Munsters’ features Lily and Count Orlock

The horror of Thanksgiving is low, y’all. So any new holiday horror is always welcome. While we wait for Eli Roth to finally give fans what they’ve been dying for since his release Grindhousewe’re always open to any Thanksgiving-based terror. Amityville Thanksgiving it is exactly that.

You can say this is going to be a mixed bag. Obviously, there is a huge amount of Jersey Shore injected into it. The entire cast appears to be right from the shore. Which is already an odd but hilarious choice, so I agree. I’m also a bit confused as to where the Amityville bit came from. I was looking for the big haunted house, but I didn’t see that either.


Synopsis for Amityville Thanksgiving it goes like this:

A struggling couple visits a marriage counselor for a vacation as a last resort. Soon after, they realize that he has sinister intentions that could make this satisfaction their last.

Well, that’s a wild summary too. It doesn’t seem very holiday themed. I didn’t see any turkeys or pilgrims or anything that screamed Thanksgiving. If you don’t have family in Jersey and you’re going to visit them over the holidays, I don’t see how that would exactly relate to holiday horror.

All that said, I’m still going to give it a shot. As I mentioned above, I’ve been really hungry for some holiday horror. So if that’s what we have to offer, let it be.

Get ready to “get stuffed mother clucker” when Amityville Thanksgiving arrives on November 8th.

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