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Adam Driver Battles Furious Dinos in ’65 Full Trailer.

If you remember a few years back, Casper Kelly did a collection of late night fake commercials. These ranged from one popularly titled Too Many Chefsand a terrifyingly titled one Unedited footage of a bear which acted as a pharmaceutical advertisement of late. As they progress, they end up becoming more and more disturbing. Kelly’s latest work, Fireplace aka The Christmas Diaryis a surprise horror film set around a The Christmas Diary burning in a fireplace.

Fireplace/Christmas Tree surprised the audience last night by switching from a fake The Christmas Diary shoot for a full-length horror film. Best of all, this horror film is effective on all fronts. It goes from supernatural to slasher to home invasion to crime diary exploration and back again. What makes the Yule Log so much more interesting and valuable is the ingenuity surrounding its production. For most of the film, the camera is in one place before it fills up Evil dead and flying around the room.

The Yule Log is also very much about its practical gore effects. The first bit of it shocks you, slamming it into someone’s face in all its unflinching glory. Like the Infopublic series, Yule Log is also very funny and never takes itself too seriously. I’m also a big fan of how the Yule Log goes from spooky to devastating.

Ever since Kelly created those creepy commercials, I’ve been a big supporter of him getting his own horror movie. Glad to see it’s excellent even in a feature format. It’s also a hilarious bonus that Kelly wrote the title track for “The Fireplace” as a nice ending treat.

“Last year during the holidays I was watching a diary video and suddenly I had an image of feet walking past the fire, a little out of focus and hearing off-screen dialogue.” Kelly said. “I loved this mystery and a story started to form. I’m so grateful to Adult Swim for taking the plunge with me and I’m so proud to have made their first live-action movie!”


Fireplace/The Christmas Diary he’s as hilarious as he is scary, and his ability to jump between these two feelings is a real accomplishment and keeps you on your toes. It takes some talent to be full of horror and also to be a slapper. Fireplace/The Christmas Diary it’s disturbing and darkly funny, all with a special kind of fantastical subversion. Kelly has a bright future ahead of him terrified. Fingers crossed they work with Blumhouse or Atomic Monster.

You can stream Fireplace/The Christmas Diary now on HBO Max.

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