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“Apartment 7A” is rumored to be a prequel to “Rosemary’s Baby”

An interesting little movie called Apartment 7A directed by Natalie Erika James (Relic) right now he’s packing up production. It’s no big deal, is it? Well, keep your horses in awe. According to Bloody Disgusting and their reliable source, it turns out that Apartment 7A it can only be a prequel to Roman Polanski Rosemary’s baby.

Rumor has it that actors Kevin McNally would play Roman and Amy Leeson could play Rosemary Woodhouse. It’s an extraordinary casting. Is it also interesting that for a prequel, we should have a Rosemary Woodhouse? Actor Scott Hume is also set to play Rosemary’s husband, Guy. Now, the interesting part of this potential prequel is starting to make sense is Julia Garner (we love her from Ozark!) Who is said to be playing Terry Gionoffrio. If you remember yourself Rosemary’s baby trivia, Gionoffrio was the girl Rosemary met in the basement laundry area. He wore a pendant similar to the one Rosemary’s walnut neighbors end up giving him later in the movie.

I’m not sure why Guy and Rosemary are in this, but I’m on board to see Gionoffirio’s story and what the hell she went through before her death. It’s especially interesting to think that Garner will bring the character to life.

Of course, the name of the possible prequel, Apartment 7A it’s the apartment where Rosemary’s crazy neighbors lived. The Castevets were memorable characters. Very well written and played. So if the prequel is about letting two satanic elders act in Garner’s Gionoffrio, we’re definitely counting.


John Krasinski is on board as producer of Apartment 7A.

Again, this is meant to be taken with a grain of salt until we receive official confirmation, but we could not control our enthusiasm when we read Disgusting blood ad.

What you think? You think this Platinum Dune is produced Apartment 7A this is a prequel to Rosemary’s baby or something else entirely?

We will let you know when we have something to confirm this.

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