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‘Beauty and the Beast’ Gets a Horror Makeover in ‘Belle’

Horror Hostess Malvolia: The Screaming Queen presents all-new horrifying tales as bodies mount in this villain-inspired anthology. Check out the press release below!

A killer is on the loose! Or should we say, KILLERS! And there’s no stopping this chaos anytime soon! After 342 days of strategizing, crowdfunding, planning, and sharpening many killer tools… Malvolia: Queen of Screams is at it again, wrapping up principal photography on FIVE all-new segments led by female assassins who are surrounded by a Wrap-around KILL FEST. story in the new horror anthology BODY COUNT.

Body count Poster

Starring as Malvolia is actress and indie horror creator Jennifer Nangle. Nangle, who also wrote, produced and edited other segments throughout the film, played each killer in each segment.

They were joined by Hunter Johnson, Richard Trejo (original producers/directors since Season One of “Malvolia: The Queen of Screams”) and Alex T. Hwang to direct the segments. Charles Chudabala (who also served as producer and 1st AD), Eric Lawson, Ron Purtee, and Christine Twyman were the other writers of the anthology.

Body count Behind the scenes

This film was executive produced by Jennifer Nangle, David Biber, Paul Stephen Edwards, Andrew Kappas, Tommy Lentsch and Michael Jon Murphy.

“BODY COUNT is a female-led horror anthology where I play all the villains in each segment. Not only is it a way to showcase my talent playing multiple characters and wearing multiple “hats,” but it’s a way to reach a wider audience. A YouTube web series only goes so far because Social Media LOVES to ban horror content. I wanted to show horror fans that I exist and that I can create killer stories.” –Jennifer Nangle.

Approaching the cast of characters totaling forty (YES, 40), you may see some indie horror faces you may recognize; however, Nangle wanted to make sure that the new blood… his talent was showcased in the Horror genre. Some actors even tripled their casting luck as Nangle started watching BODY COUNT like her own “American Horror Story.”

Come mid-July; a trailer will be released, along with a crowdfunding campaign. Can’t wait until then? You can keep up by watching BODY COUNT on Instagram and Facebook.

Want to know more about Malvolia? Check out the following links, including past episodes on YouTube!


For more information about Miss Nangle, you can visit her website www.jennifernangle.com

Pleasant nightmares, future victims…

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