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Behind the scenes: New images surface from the set of ‘Beetlejuice 2’

Devanny Pinn, the star of east and well-known for appearing in many horror titles over the years, she has completed her first feature film as a director! Her movie Black Tablea true crime thriller, was screened in May at the Palais des Festival (Palais J) as part of the Marché du Film during the Cannes Film Festival, France.

Black Table

Inspired by real events, The Black Table It follows an American serial killer over a 24-hour period as he pursues college girls in what would become an infamous crime wave in 1978.

In main roles Andy Sykes (Speechless)Eve Hamilton, Jeremy London (The Party of Five), Sarah Nicklin, Kathleen Kinmont (Halloween 4/Renegade), Lisa Wilcox (Nightmare on Elm St 4-5 / MILF Manor), Temple of Lew (The Devils Rejects, The Walking Dead)Chelsea Gilson (Hawaii 5-0), Jennifer Wenger (Real blood), Michelle Romano, Lara Jean Mummert-Sullivan, Brittany Ayona Clemons (Uncertain)Grace Newton, Lauren Jarman, Greg Tally, Alex Paige Fream, Mike Ferguson, David Josh Lawrence, Eileen Dietz (the Exorcist), Jennifer Lynn Warren (American Horror Story: Coven) and Susan Lanier (The hills have eyes) with characters voiced by Tristan Risk (American Mary) and Nicky Whelan (Halloween 2).

Black Table is produced by Jaguar Motion Pictures and Roman Media for Cleopatra Entertainment.

Devanny Pinn’s Black Table

Devanny Pinn and Michelle Romano are producers; Brian Perera, Yvonne Perera, Brandon Slagle, Gigi Jankowski and Miranda Mariposa are executive producers. Tim Yasui is a co-producer, and Hunter Johnson, Anjanette Miller, Christian Ackerman and Susan Lanier are associate producers.

Pinn directs from a script by Eric Pereira and Brandon Slagle.

Black Table is expected to release in early 2024 from Cleopatra Entertainment.

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