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Cast List Revealed for Ari Aster’s New Movie ‘Eddington’

Smile is one of the creepiest horror films in recent memory. The film was applauded for its use of disturbing imagery and unpredictable plot twists. The film premiered in September 2022 and was a box office hit, sparking fan anticipation for news of a sequel.

Looks like he shouldn’t have to wait long. The good people from Screen Rant I recently caught up with one of the film’s stars, Luke Gage (Fargo), which gave a surprising update on film. Untitled continuation of Smile It has packaged production.

Poster Smile

Jack attended to South by southwest his new prime minister Roadhouse redo when Screen Rant caught up with him. Here’s what Smile the actor had to say about the project:

“I just packed. I ended up in upstate New York. It will be very good. I’m really excited for everyone to see this one. Making a lot of sequels, it seems this year. The year of the sequel. I hope you like it. Parker Finn, the director, it was crazy how much he knows this genre of movies and how he was able to recreate it and make it fresh. It was such a great formula to follow. How come no one thought to make that creepy smile? My smiley face is so good.”

Joining Jake in Smile the sequel will be Nami Scott (Aladdin), Rosemarie DeWitt (Poltergeist), Dylan Gelula (Dream scenario), Raul Castillo (Army of the Dead), Miles Guitierrez-Riley (On the Come Up), and the wonderful Kyle Gallner (Red State).

Smile 2 currently has no set release date.

This is all the information we have at the moment. Be sure to check back here for news and updates. If you haven’t already, check out the original Smile for a good scare.

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