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Courteney Cox Says He Will Return as Gale in “Scream 6”

Scream 6 noise is already circulating among fans and is only in pre-production. First of all, there was confirmation that Neve Campbell had disappeared from appearing in the film, and now her former star colleague, Courteney Cox, has confirmed that she will resume her role as the daring journalist Gale Weathers.

In a story from varietyCox said that since her character did not die in the last film, she can return.

“I’m not dead, so yes, you’ll see me,” Cox said. “Gale is quite strong. She may never be [die]but who knows!”

That’s what makes Cox [Spoiler Alert] the last original character left in the franchise who has been confirmed to play Scream 6.

I reported that Neve Campbell wasn’t going to come back because they didn’t show her the money.

“I felt that the offer that was presented to me was not equivalent to the value that I brought to the franchise. It was a very difficult decision to move forward, “Campbell said comicbook.com. “It simply came to our notice then Scream fans, I love you. You’ve always been incredibly supportive of me. I am forever grateful to you and for what this franchise has offered me over the last 25 years. ”

In another train of thoughts, Shout 4 Hayden Panettiere has confirmed that he will return. Didn’t her character Kirby bleed?

Perhaps the biggest mystery of the next Scream the film is not the unmasking of Ghostface, but how the hell these characters will arrange in the universe. Any idea? Let us know.

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