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District 9 Neill Blomkamp’s “Off the Grid” Teaser is ready for battle

Neill Blomkamp’s films have gone beyond both technology and FX. Every movie seemed like a video game. Weapons in Elysium, Chappie and District 9 they seemed to be great to use in video games. It seems that the director will soon put all this aesthetics to work with a new game developed both by himself and by Gunzilla Games.

Outside the network is set to reinvent Battle Royale as a whole. It aims to create an experience that is partly a one-player narrative progression, partly battle royale multiplayer, with 150 players participating in PVP and even player versus medium sections. The battlefield is also set to change during the basic actions of the players.


Outside the network the official description is as follows:

Immerse yourself in the heat of a corporate war hidden in Off The Grid, a cyberpunk multiplayer shooter Battle Royale 2.0 in which you model the story and the gameplay. Deployed on a dystopian tropical island, OTG sends you on stunning assassination and sabotage missions to the glory and larger market share of your chosen faction. Tool for 2023: it’s about to become bloody!

“With OTG, our ambition is not only to create Battle Royale 2.0 by adding profound player progression, but also to build an evolving world, designed to take on a life of its own, changing in unexpected ways every time a player re-enters the game. ” said Blomkamp. “With an innovative approach to the flow of the basic Battle Royale session and a deep narrative experience, we add a purpose to each element of the game, allowing players to repeatedly return to the world of OTG, where there is always something new to find and explore. we. to expand.”

Good, Outside the network has just appeared on our list of the most anticipated games. For now, it promises a lot and honestly there is nothing concrete. But most of all, I’m paying attention to the fact that Blomkamp is involved, and I’ve always wanted him to play a video game.

If you haven’t seen his shorts OATS Studios, you should watch them soon (they’re on Netflix). Each could have its own video game. Especially one called Firebase. Some really fun sci-fi stuff.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next Outside the network. We’ll make sure we keep you posted on everything as they arrive.

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