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DreamWorks teases first look at ‘Fright Krewe,’ coming to Hulu & Peacock

It seems what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there. A viral video of a UFO crashing into Sin City has gone viral, sending people down many rabbit holes on social media: especially Tik Tok.

Although the eyewitness report to Las Vegas police took place on May 1st, the internet has only just caught up with the phenomenon. In that report, a young man called dispatch saying something in the sky had crashed into his yard and there were large creatures lurking around his property.

“We just see out of the corner of our eye something falling from the sky and it was with lights and when it hit it was like a big impact and we felt like an energy? And then we hear a lot of footsteps next to us. And then – we have a big piece of equipment, a big piece of equipment, and we see there’s an eight-foot person next to it and another inside, and he’s got big eyes and he’s looking at us.” tells the 911 operator. “They are very big. I’m like eight feet, nine feet, 10 feet.”

He adds: “And they are not human. One hundred percent, they are not human.”

Most skeptics are likely to attribute this to anything other than an encounter of the third kind, but there is more to it. A real police officer captured the UFO on his body camera. Take a look at the video below.

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Since this story went viral, the eyewitness has made his own video of his experience:

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Over a month later, the Vegas UFO story hit social media and hit her hard. The hashtag #lasvegasufo has garnered nearly 30 million views from people trying to debunk the claim, confirm it or simply mock it. Either way, it’s a compelling case. One viewer even caught what he thinks is a large alien peering through a wooden fence.

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On the one hand, in this era of mass portable technology, it’s hard to believe that hardly anyone has captured anything on camera. And for those who caught something, it’s very low-def.

But the most striking evidence is probably the night vision capture below of the “aliens” taking refuge behind a tree. But as with stories like this and the tools available to exploit it, the video is a hoax. Newsweek explain: “It was posted earlier on Friday, June 9th by a visual effects artist with Tick handles “owltreestump,” with the hashtags “CGI” and “blender3d,” the latter a reference to the open-source computer graphics software used to generate the video.”

We’re sure this Vegas UFO story will develop, but the longer it goes on, the more time people will have to create their own fake narratives and images, leaving doubt in the minds of those who want to believe.

And for those who don’t believe, then they are already ahead of the game.

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