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Elizabeth Hurley tries to outdo ‘Piper’ in new horror trailer

Robin Hardy’s incredibly haunting cult film, The Wicker Man it is one which somewhat actively still lives in the minds of those who have seen it. Hardy gave us the portrait of a very strict Puritan officer investigating a missing girl on a pagan island. More than A Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the film takes place in broad daylight, in an increasingly intimate, horror-filled experience. Good news, everyone! The Wicker Man coming soon to Steelbook 4K UHD in a wonderfully haunting package.

Perhaps most famously, Hardy’s film is known for its shocking ending, which manages to shock audiences to the core. The finale of The Wicker Man is complete wall-to-wall macabre madness, from the singing heathens to his gruesome sacrifice.

Synopsis for The Wicker Man it goes like this:

When a young girl mysteriously disappears, police sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) travels to a remote Scottish island to investigate. But the seemingly peaceful community is not what it seems, as the detective discovers a secret pagan society led by the strange Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee). As the townspeople tempt and threaten him with bizarre rituals and rampant lusts, Howie must race to uncover the truth behind the girl’s disappearance before his clash with Lord Summerisle comes to a terrifying conclusion – one that cements this shocking cult like a modern horror masterpiece.


The 4K UHD set includes the following features:


· Review of The Wicker Man locations

· The Wicker Man at 50 years

· Screenplay by Robin Hardy: The Lost End

· Britt Ekland Interview

· Behind the scenes gallery

· Wicker Man Enigma

· Burnt: The Cult of the Wicker Man

· Interview with Robin Hardy and Christopher Lee (1979)


· Worship of the Wicker Man

· Music by Wicker Man

· Interview with Robin Hardy (2013)

· Trailers


· Restore comparison

Richey Beckett’s incredible artwork is something I wish I could hang on my wall. The whole thing looks great on the feature-packed Steelbook.

The Wicker Man arrives on Steelbook starting October 17th. Are you excited to own the beautiful new set? Tell us what you think in the comments section..

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