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  • Evan Peters is absolutely terrifying in the second ‘Dahmer’ trailer.

Evan Peters is absolutely terrifying in the second ‘Dahmer’ trailer.

Ti West has had a great run of movies. Everything he does is compelling work. His most recent work with Mia Goth in both X and Pearl were some of the director’s most popular works, and for good reason. Both films are uniquely their own and speak a very specific cinematic language. Pearl it’s completely prequel, and it’s an amazing track to pick up this really sizzling technicolor comeback.

Martin Scorsese is easily one of the best film directors in our history. I mean Casino, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas? This is a titan of cinema. Scorsese recently attended a screening of Pearl, and the legendary director was absolutely blown away by the image and Ti West’s skills. It is not easy to keep the directory Casino awake at night or make him love contemporary works, but Pearl surely he did exactly that.

“Ti West’s films have a kind of energy that is so rare these days, fueled by a pure, undiluted love of cinema,” Scorsese told A24. “You feel it in every frame. A prequel to X made in a diametrically opposed cinematic register (think 1950s color melodramas Scope), Pearl it makes for 102 wild, fascinating, deeply—and I mean deeply—disturbing minutes. West and his muse and creative partner, Mia Goth, really know how to play with their audience…before they stick the knife in our chests and start twisting. I was excited, then disturbed, then so restless I had trouble falling asleep. But I couldn’t stop looking.”

Synopsis for Pearl it goes like this:

Trapped on her family’s isolated farm, Pearl must care for her ailing father under the bitter and domineering supervision of her devoted mother. Hoping for a more glamorous life, Pearl’s ambitions, temptations and repressions collide to horrific effect.

If I was Ti West I would have shrunk into a ball and then become pure energy and explode. I mean, I can’t imagine hearing the compliments of Scorsese working like that. Truly amazing!

You saw Pearl yet? If you haven’t, it’s worth going to the theater.

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