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Everything we know about the Netflix Resident Evil series

“Resident Evil” live action series: Netflix release date and what we know so far

After the success of the live-action resident evil starring movies Milla Jovovich which seems to have ended with the final and middle chapter of last year, but still true to the games Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon Cityit seems like you can never keep a good (bad) organization down.

Umbrella Corporation and the undead will be on Netflix sooner than expected: July 14, 2022.

Ordered so far for one season, the episodes will suddenly drop to the best horror viewing of eight one-hour episodes. The first two are directed by Bronwen Hughes from The Walking Dead, and Constantin Film produces the show.

Resident Evil series:

Fourteen years after a deadly virus caused a global apocalypse, Jade Wesker struggles to survive in a world invaded by infected creatures as she is haunted by her past, her father, and what happened to her sister. Billie. They move to New Racoon City to discover the secrets of the past and what their father is really hiding.

Yes, Albert Wesker is back worse than ever.

Two teaser trailers have been released – the first with a contrasting track “Id Like To Teach The World To Sing” and I see what appear to be two alternate timelines – 2022 New Racoon City and London, 2036, intriguingly, both links. in each other – oh, and there are zombies. Lots of zombies.

We also got to see an iconic one resident evil monster in the dog Cerberus and Umbrella Corp is working on a new miraculous drug “Joy”, infused with the infamous T-Virus.

Distribution of Resident Evil series:

In a welcome change, the iconic actor Lance Reddick (Fringe, John Wick) will play Albert Wesker and he certainly has the range to bring threat and paternal love alike.

He will be joined by Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph and Paola Nunez.

Andrew Dabb (Supernatural) will be the showrunner.

In a statement, Dabb said:resident evil it’s my favorite game of all time. I am incredibly excited to tell a new chapter in this amazing story and bring the first one resident evil series for Netflix members around the world. For each type of resident evil fan, including those who joined us for the first time, the series will be complete with lots of old friends and some things (bloodthirsty things, crazy things) that people have never seen before. ‘

Besides Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, an animated series already on Netflix, this is a good time to be a Resi fan. I will approach with an open mind and I am confident that at least it will bring something new and new to the franchise.

You can check out the trailers below.

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