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‘Evil Dead Rise’ Goes Big With Weekend Box Office at $23M

Last month, we reported that Funko was destroying $30 million worth of Pops, which raised concerns about their financial health. However, it appears that it is now looking to expand its offerings and increase profits by branching out into the tabletop gaming category.

In fact, Screenrant has shared some interesting first looks at a new game called Scream: The Game, which is set to be released later this year. (no exact date has been released at this time).

The game is multiplayer and takes place in the Scream universe, where players must work together to survive Ghost Face’s pursuit in Woodsboro. The bundle includes a Ghost Face figurine and a free app featuring the acting of Roger Jackson, the voice behind the infamous killer in the film. Scream movies, to enhance the gaming experience.

More about Scream The Game

Scream: The Game Ghostface Figure

Screen Rant’s exclusive look at the game said, “Along with the app and figurine, Scream the game features several other components that are designed to “delight Scream fans.” These include Scream and scene cards with special art, a location board, and a knife marker complete with its own base. The table title match will be fast-paced, with each round estimated to last only 20 minutes.”

Scream: The Game Table top pieces

It is surprising that there are no other adaptations like Scream: The Game for the popular Scream franchise. A horror series with an iconic character like Ghost Face seems like a perfect fit for a game. Plus, with the special killer figure included, it’s likely to become a sought-after collectible by fans.

We will post more release date information and purchase links when they become available. Let us know in the comments if this is a game you’d play.

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