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‘Evil Dead’s’ Ash Coming to ‘Fortnite’ Halloween Event

Contempt blew our minds when it was first teased a few years back. The short teaser revealed a world that looked like the inner workings of HR Giger’s mind. The game preview was stunning in every sense of the word. Unbelievably good news! Contempt It’s making its way to PC and Xbox today, and we’re here to report that this is a must-experience game. If you’re a horror fan, don’t miss this deeply disturbing experience.

A biomechanical hellscape that makes up the whole Contempt it is absorbent. Everything, from wall to wall, is a living piece of a grander piece of nightmare.

The atmosphere of Contempt it is all consuming and brilliant. The world is a mixture of HR Giger and Zdzislaw BeksiƄski. The Kepler team focused fantastically on every squelch, ooze, and pulse of the organic world. Every direction you look could be a screenshot and hanging on a gallery wall. It’s been a long time since I remembered a game that focused so succinctly on in-game art.


Many developers would have instantly rushed to make this a hardcore first-person shooter. The art of unique experience comes from retaining it. Instead of the white-knuckle run-and-gun experience, Contempt it takes the scenic route and allows you to fully explore the world and organically discover what the entire structure was built for. The game doesn’t say anything to you and doesn’t hold your hand. This extends to both the game’s narrative and its challenging puzzles.

The focus on puzzles is a fascinating one. There is never a puzzle that is put together to feel cheap or like a necessity. Each puzzle is a natural piece of the world. Sometimes you’ll be exploring and you might see pieces of something that you’ll need to work around later. However, it is entirely organic in nature.


The puzzles themselves range from medium to hard. There are times when you might find yourself completely stuck. I know I did. What the Contempt does very well is allow you the space and time to set up a solution for each puzzle. Sometimes the game lets you jump to different puzzles before going back to solve something you had to set up correctly. Sometimes you don’t even have the tools to fix it. There are times when you have to backtrack to find keys or bio mods that will later allow you to get past particularly difficult areas.

The controls for Contempt they are suitable for this very specific type of game. Your character walks at a slower pace. Even using the sprint button doesn’t speed him up too fast. The goal, of course, is rewarding. It allows you to penetrate all hellish nooks and crannies. Part of the brilliance of the game is that it forces you into a hellish landscape with no idea where you are, what you’re doing there. It does not give you an understanding of the purpose of this biomechanical world itself.


Contempt is an amazing journey through a beautiful, nightmarish world. The restraint shown in the shooter elements sets the game apart from most other experiences. The tough-as-nails puzzles really force you to explore the inner workings of the hellscape. full Contempt seethes with a special kind of menace. His two-fisted approach to making this world a unique environment does Contempt a must-play from 2022.

Contempt is available on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It is available for free for Game Pass subscribers to download.

4 eyes out of 5

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