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Find a real haunted house in your neighborhood with this website

You live in a state because of fear? Or have you ever wondered if there are haunted houses in your immediate area? This website can help you find out.

Find fear is an aggregate site that lists all the haunted houses in your state. It gives you the addresses and a bit of history behind each location.

We are talking about real neighborhood houses that have documented cases of hauntings. While they do list some commercial locations based on movie themes and locations, their “Haunts by State” tab is full of real homes where some supernatural events actually happened.

Take the photo above for example. This is the real house where Doris Bither and her four children were attacked by an unseen entity that regularly abused Doris. The case was so notorious in the 70s that a film (entity) was made about it in the 80s starring barbara Hershey and Ron Silver.

Or how about the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Center, min? The Ghost Adventures team once ventured here and proclaimed the place to be haunted.

Palmer House Hotel

As with most hotels, there is always one room that seems more haunted than the others. The Palmer House has one according to the website:

“If you really want to experience something paranormal, make sure you stay in any of them room 11 or room 17, which former guests claim is the most haunted. A terrified young woman awoke in the middle of the night to find a man standing at the foot of her bed staring at her. When she woke up her husband, who was in bed next to her, the man she saw in her room was gone. Others claimed to have seen a tall thin man dressed in old fashioned clothing standing in one of these rooms. It almost always appears in the middle of the night and disappears as quickly as it appeared.”

Whether you believe in spirits and demons or not, Find fear it’s a great resource to have on hand, especially during the Halloween season. We’ve found tons of information on family-friendly events, not-so-family-friendly events, and real haunted places you can visit or even spend the night.

Happy Haunting and see Fright Find HERE.

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