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Fiona Dourif promises that season 2 of “Chucky” will be scary and fun

of Chucky the first season had a lot of fans and made many fans very happy to have the killer doll back in large part. With season two on the road this fall, fans are gearing up for the second season, and now Fiona Dourif has come out and given us some great news about Chucky season 2.

Dourif told Redit that fans can expect this second season of Chucky to be “fun” and “scary.” This is great, given that it’s all the elements that fans are looking for in the series. Fans want a lot of fun, lots of scares and lots of gore.


Summary for Chucky the first season was like this:

After a vintage Chucky doll appears at a suburban sale, an idyllic American city is thrown into chaos, while a series of horrific crimes begin to reveal the hypocrisy and secrets of the city.

We can’t wait to see what Chucky season 2 holds us back. The first season left us with some pretty big cliffhangers and left us with some of our favorite characters in high levels of trouble. We hope that this season is just as good and that Dourif keeps its promise.

You can watch the video of Fiona Dourif below.

Watch HERE.

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