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First Full Trailer Released For ‘The Crow’ 2024 Reboot – Watch Here

In horror, few names resonate as chillingly as “Bad Sign”. As April approaches, anticipation grows for “The First Omen”, a prequel that promises to delve into the origins of the sinister narrative that has haunted audiences since the 1976 classic. With a short but powerful 30-second promo recently revealed, this upcoming release from 20th Century Studios is ready to give horror fans a deeper look into the franchise’s dark lore.

The First Omen – Promotional teaser

Scheduled for a theatrical release on April 5, “The First Omen” plays Nell Tiger Free, known for her role in the Apple TV+ series “The Servant”. The film is directed by Arkasha Stevenson, who brings a new vision to the story based on characters created by David Seltzer. The narrative centers around a young American woman sent to Rome to begin her life of church service. However, she soon encounters a darkness that not only makes her question her faith, but also uncovers a terrifying conspiracy designed to bring about the birth of evil incarnate.

the first foreshadowing trailer
The First Omen Still Frame

“The First Omen” was rated R for its violent content, frightening/disturbing imagery and brief graphic nudity. The journey of this on-screen prequel began way back in 2016, with various writers and directors attached over the years. Eventually, Stevenson, along with her writing partner Tim Smith, took the helm to rewrite the script, with Keith Thomas of “Starter” fame contributing too.

This film marks the sixth entry in the “Augur” series, which includes the original film, its sequel, and a 2006 remake. As the release date nears, the newly released promo offers a tantalizing preview of the horror that awaits. “The First Omen” it’s not just a return to the franchise’s roots, but a deep dive into the darkness that precedes the birth of its iconic evil.

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