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Funko announces the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre game

Nicolas Cage (Rainfield, Mandy) finally arrived at Dead in daylight. He is now available to play in the public test version of the Steam version Dead in daylight. His character will be available for purchase for everyone on all platforms on July 25thth from this year.

Dead by Daylight official trailer

One of the greatest actors of all time landed a role in a very popular horror game called Dead in daylight. It was a surprise for sure, but it’s a welcome one and has been very well received by fans of the game. Nicolas Cage will play a fictional version of himself as a survivor in the game.

He is summoned by the Entity while filming the “role of a lifetime” and now has to survive in the Mist, where several killers lurk, such as Michael Myers, Ghostface, The Trapper, The Huntress and many others.

Dead by Daylight – Nicolas Cage

His character comes with 3 unique perks to help fight and survive the evil that lurks in the Entity realm. His first benefit is called theater which allows players to allow their instincts to take over. You will gain the ability to run with high knees for 0.5 seconds and then gain 25% haste.

This will then be followed by an Unknown Effect that can range from exposure to getting a random rare item in your hand. His second perk is called “Scene Partner”, which activates while the survivor is within the killer’s terror range and allows you to see the killer’s aura for a few seconds.

His third and final perk is called “Plot Twist”, which can activate while the survivor is injured and puts you in a silent death state. You won’t leave any pools of blood, you won’t make any sounds, and you’ll be able to fully recover from this condition. Once you heal yourself, you are fully healed and gain 50% haste for a few seconds. Here is a link to patch notes.

Dead By Daylight

Head of Partnerships for Behavior Interactive states: “Let’s just say we’re excited to have Nicolas Cage join the world of gaming for the first time with Dead By Daylight is an understatement” He goes on to say that “Mr. Cage recorded all his vocal lines and was involved every step of the way; his dedication to his craft and professionalism is unmatched. We feel very privileged to have him and our players: you are delicious.”

This is a great collab and will more than likely be one of them Dead in daylightHis greatest hits among the dlcs released so far. Let us know what you think of the teaser trailer in the comments below.

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