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Hall of Shadows – The haunted attraction returns to Midsummer Scream!

When Midsummer crythe world’s largest Halloween and horror convention, returns to the Long Beach Convention Center July 28-30, its centerpiece will be Hall of Shadowsa massive dark area featuring an amazing array of haunted attractions, interactive photo ops and live entertainment as creatures lurk and screams pour from the swirling mist.

All passes for Midsummer cry includes admission to each attraction within Hall of Shadows, which for the first time, will be open to guests on all three days of the fan convention: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One and three day passes at Midsummer cry are available now at www.MidsummerScream.org. In addition, Gold Bat VIP Pass guests will receive “fast lane” access to most attractions within Hall of Shadowsbypassing general admission waiting lines.

“As we celebrate horror games of all kinds this year at Midsummer Scream, the theme of this year’s Hall of Shadows is ‘Dungeons & Demons’, which pays homage to the OG ‘monster’ game we all grew up with and still we like. today: Dungeons & Dragons,” says Rick West, co-founder and creative director of Midsummer cry. “We invited our haunters this year to let their imaginations run wild and, where possible, incorporate some sort of gamification or interactive element into their Hall of Shadows creations. Everyone is excited and working hard to bring fans the most epic Hall of Shadows yet!”

Guests will enter this year’s Hall of Shadows through ancient ruins filled with traps, treasure and classic D&D monsters, thanks to the always amazing talent. CalHauntS team. Roll for initiative and step briskly into the darkness ahead – guests who linger too long are in danger of becoming a fixture of this ancient dungeon!

Midsummer Scream 2022 – Long Beach Convention Center.

Stepping out into the misty expanse of the Hall of Shadows, guests are free to explore and engage in more than a dozen spooky attractions, elaborate exhibits and spooky photo ops to their heart’s content, created by some of Southern California’s best haunters. .. and not only. Among them:

  • popular cosplay photographer, Rawl of the Dead, will be on hand throughout the weekend taking complimentary photos of guests as they struggle to survive a zombie apocalypse;
  • Stay at Hale Productions invites fans to search for spirits in their Winchester Mystery House-inspired experience, which is sponsored by the famous San Jose mansion;
  • The The Pizza Planet truck and The sideshow of art they join forces to create a Disney-inspired display that is taken over by Chucky, resulting in anything but a story ending for the delivery driver;
  • The Dreich Society will take guests on a terroristic journey through the fifth dimension with them twilight zone-inspired haunting;
  • Derry is very own Mr. Floating will taunt and haunt visitors who gamble in his CarnEVIL Games area, along with an assorted crew of nightmarish characters;
  • The Ghostwood Manor Home Haunt will feature Pharaoh’s Hall, an Egyptian-themed display that will make visitors weep for the mummies;
  • The haunting with no name…yet returns with the elaborate “courtyard display” of the Celtic cemetery, which remains a decades-old location in Los Angeles every Halloween;
  • The Haunting of Santa Ana will initiate visitors into the terrifying cult world of Kormos and their blood-crazed rituals;
  • Haunted Harvest makes his Hall of Shadows debut as he introduces fans to the Notflix Killer in an after-hours meeting inside a closed Hauntbuster video store;
  • Tunnel of TerrorSoCal’s favorite haunted car wash will treat fans to a 360-degree photo booth experience full of terrifying monsters;
  • Coble Haunter will be on hand with an all-new attraction, daring fans to take a walk through their old-school haunted house where evil resides;
  • The fear farmwhich holds the title of tallest Hall of Shadows facade ever (24.5 feet in 2022) returns this year with a brand new castle-themed attraction filled with evil creatures – and a built-in tavern that will be accessible to all guests 21 years and older;
  • And for the first time, the Hall of Shadows hosts an out-of-state haunt – Wicker mansion — bringing Colorado terror to Long Beach for all to enjoy!

Furthermore The Fallen Brigade will be performing three shows daily on both Saturday and Sunday on their massive ‘floor’ in the Hall of Shadows as they thrill hundreds of onlookers with high-energy gliding maneuvers and pulse-pounding stunts in a gliding exhibition like no other another!

All this and More will be waiting in the darkness of the Hall of Shadows for fans when the doors to Midsummer Scream 2023 open on Friday night, July 28 in Long Beach. To receive up-to-the-minute information on Midsummer Scream, fans can sign up for a digital newsletter at MidsummerScream.org or follow Midsummer Scream on Instagram and Facebook by searching @midsummerscream.

Midsummer Scream 2022 – Long Beach Convention Center

About Midsummer Scream

Midsummer Scream is presented by David Markland (Co-Founder/Executive Director), Gary Baker (Co-Founder/Executive Producer), Claire Dunlap (Co-Founder/Producer) and Rick West (Co-Founder/Creative Director). Their goal is to showcase the diversity of Southern California’s haunting and horror community as a welcoming beacon for fans from around the world to converge on Los Angeles for a weekend of excitement, networking and non-stop spooky fun!

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