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“Insidious 5” ended with Patrick Wilson directing

I’ve been waiting for a sequel or prequel… or whatever for the Chiodo Brothers Killer Klowns from Outer Space ever since his cotton candy-soaked murderous realm hatched in 1988. There have been several times when chatter involving Chiodos has started, but alas, all Klowning streets lead nowhere. Well, almost nowhere.

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights we put together a shiny ray gun and a short covered in greasepaint that takes us back to the Klown invasion of 88′.


In the short film, we join a carload of young people looking for something to do on a rudderless weekend night. When the group decides to stop, they encounter a fearsome, Shorty complete with his trusty weapon. The deadly weapon is loaded with a feature that cuts everyone down. They and their car are reduced to the size of a ketchup packet. Of course, in Shorty fashion, he crushes them with his giant Klown shoe. If you look closely, towards the end of the short, we can see Klown’s ship flying into the depths of outer space.

I love how, in theory, this could be a scout ship that leads to a sequel. What if the Klowns send some scouts to make a cotton candy buffet and set up some bases of operations? Or, maybe they’re just testing new equipment on people.

Synopsis for the 1988s Killer Klowns from Outer Space it goes like this:

When teenagers Mike (Grant Cramer) and Debbie (Suzanne Snyder) see a comet crash outside their sleepy town, they investigate and discover a group of murderous aliens that look a lot like circus clowns. They try to alert the local authorities, but everyone assumes their story is a hoax. Meanwhile, the clowns have set about picking and eating as many people as they can. It’s only after they kidnap Debbie that Mike decides it’s up to him to stop the clowns’ bloody rampage.

Actually, Killer Klowns from Outer Space they will have their own real and accurate experience in the movie. The short does a good job of introducing Shorty to a new generation.

Be sure to check them both out Halloween Horror Nights 2022 in the Orlando and Hollywood. Be sure to check out the haunted houses of both locations. Each location has some of the same and some different attractions.

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