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“Insidious: The Red Door” earns $5 million from previews alone

In the crimson spotlight of Thursday night previews, Sony Insidious: The Red Door he fired a stunner 5 million dollars at the box office – not bad for a moderately priced horror adventure, if I do say so myself. He was a hair’s breadth away from getting upset Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny which grossed $5.2 million on the same day.

Even if the purse stretches for Insidious: The Red Door aren’t really exposed to the public, it’s safe to say that the budget of the horror thriller probably falls somewhere in the dark region of $10-15 million. This estimate is based on the budget of its previous, cost-effective counterparts.

Insidious: The Red Door promotional poster

Compare that to the $300 million treasure hoard spent Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and you’ll realize that horror really does seem to be the penny-pinching champion who’s still laughing all the way to the bank. Predictions point to a scary $25 million for the horror film’s opening weekend, which isn’t too shocking.

Insidious: The Red Door film frame

Brought into existence by the unholy trinity a Screen moans, Movies from stage 6and Blumhouse, Insidious: The Red DooR takes a grand and dramatic bow as the finale to the enduring horror anthology. However, the fear factory isn’t closing its doors yet – it’s evolving, spawning a thrilling offshoot, Subjects: An insidious story.

Insidious: The Red Door

In this grand outing, original stars Patrick Wilson, Ty Simpkins, Andrew Astor and Rose Byrne make a comeback, all set to serve up a fresh platter of spine-tingling moments. For the piece de resistance, Wilson doesn’t just return to the quirky spotlight; he also steps behind the camera, making his directorial debut.

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