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Is ‘Malibu Horror Story’ the movie we’ve been waiting for?

If you are a Scream Fan, then the last few months have been a mixed bag of emotions, but most importantly, they’ve still been one heck of a time if you love the franchise. I gleefully rode the high octane blood waves that Scream VI shed, with most fans leaving theaters with huge grins and satisfaction, but the months since have been fueled by rumors and speculation.

Scream VII Poster fan of Creepy duck design

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett by Radio Silence left fans on the edge of their seats as to whether they would return for a seventh installment of the wildly popular franchise. Scream 7 to many it seemed inevitable after Scream VIhis success, but from early interviews with the duo it looked like he might be ready to hand over the baton. Now, after months of literal radio silence, the metaphorical mask has been lifted, revealing that Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett will step down as directors and Christopher Landon, director of the film. Happy Death Day and Strangewould have taken over.

Principal Christopher Landon (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

Joy. Scream will continue, for at least one more film, and it seems even more possible that the desired October start date will realistically be met. Radio Silence They undoubtedly left a lasting impression and did a commendable job with their passionate, sharp direction and love of movies, earning them a considerable amount of respect, even from those who fear tarnishing Wes Craven’s legacy.

Scream (2022) was a fitting tribute to the late and beloved director and Scream VI showed just how off-kilter the franchise could be, sparking an exciting world of possibilities and proving that Scream he is far from being killed. Radio Silence, Guy Busick and James Vanderbilt set up a plan that many fans want to see fleshed out and built upon in future films. Fans collectively want to see the franchise continue to grow, delving deeper into the brutality and enigma of Ghostface. More intense and meaningful kills. Elaborate motives and moments.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett on the set of Scream VI

Taking on a franchise as huge and successful as this and being the creative force behind it ScreamHis possible future is no small feat, so it’s fortunate that Scream it’s not the only franchise that the Los Angeles-born director has taken the reins. Here are just a few movies and the reasons why Landon feels he’s the perfect man for the job.


Landon wrote Shia LaBeouf’s 2007 Hitchcock-inspired psychological thriller directed by DJ Caruso. With its themes of isolation and its creepy tone, two things I think need to be injected more into the modern age Scream franchise, Landon does a great job of building that intensity in those fear-inducing moments as well as creating cute and funny interactions between the characters, something that Scream is already well known for. Scream could use a few more jump scares and cheek-clenching suspense… which brings us to…

The disturbance Film still


Specifically, Landon wrote parts 2, 3, 4 and Close relatives as well as The marked ones, which at and directed. The dread here is a little more palpable than inside The disturbance. Although it is a world away from ScreamTHE Paranormal activity the films demonstrated a clear understanding of atmosphere, something that will contribute nicely to Scream franchise, as well as an even more fun chemistry between The marked ones Opportunities.

At the time of writing, it is unclear whether Guy Busick and James Vanderbilt will return to write Scream 7 and whether Landon will have a co-writing role is currently unknown, but as an established screenwriter with an undeniable talent for creating a disturbing and haunting atmosphere as well as enjoyable character interaction, any contribution he makes it will definitely be beneficial for Screamhis next phase.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked
Paranormal Activity: The Marked


Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U both were directed by Landon, who also took over full writing duties for its sequel and Strange it was directed and co-written by him. Time travel, groundhog slasher of the day and a body-swapping twist on Freaky Friday are more inside Screamhis kind, even if they’re a little more dazed. Dark, edgy and a little offbeat, they demonstrate similar light touches of darker humor Screamhis core, which will come in handy in those moments between escaping Ghostface’s blade.

Understanding this Scream it’s not only dark, but also full of humor is an integral part of any writer or director involved in the franchise. To remove that entirely would be to remove a key aspect of the motif Scream it is what it is. While myself and a large number of fans don’t want to see the franchise go down a silly or overtly comedic path, that dark humor runs deep in Screamhis blood Hopefully, the franchise can become darker in tone, but retain the humor that helps create it Scream what is it.

Happy Death Day

Radio Silence they’ve earned their share of criticism and praise, both before and after being hired, and I’m sure Landon will get the same. A franchise that is almost 27 years old is one that is fiercely protected by the fan base. We all just want the best for this as well as keeping Craven’s legacy alive. What we need is a force that can really push the franchise into even newer territory beyond these gates Radio Silence they opened.

With Landon’s knack for chilling horror, character development and comedic touch, I myself am very confident that he can do justice to this beloved franchise while adding some atmospheric horror to the mix. I’m really a supporter of what Buswick and Vanderbilt did, like Scream VI it was a bold step and progression, even if it was a little haphazard in the body count. Small touches of creativity, fresh ideas and boldness are what drive a franchise with six films already under its belt into one that’s still firing on all cylinders 27 years later. Directing and co-writing Landon would be the ideal situation.

As I mentioned in my previous article, Unmasking GhostfaceI detailed how and why Scream Movies are able to adapt, evolve and survive so much in new generations without losing what made them so special decades ago. Any director can bring something to the franchise to help it evolve further, but Landon has enough eclectic understanding to inject something truly special into it. The foundations are there, so whether Sam’s story is to be continued or a new beginning, Landon’s inclusion in the franchise can only create bigger things. Welcome to the family, Christopher Landon.

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