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  • It is rumored that Anthony Star from “The Boys” will take on the role of Dracula in “Blade” from Marvel.

It is rumored that Anthony Star from “The Boys” will take on the role of Dracula in “Blade” from Marvel.

The season for boys season 3 has just ended. Anthony Star, aka Homelander, survived another season of being a complete bastard. Its role in boys it was magnificent. He is able to bring out a total and utter hatred for his character, while remaining a guilty pleasure. This is primarily due to the fact that fans can’t wait to see Homelander get what he really deserves. Well, Homelander might not be the only comic book role Star takes on. According to new rumors, Star was chosen to play Dracula himself in Marvel Blade.

Blade’s the role has already been played by the talented Mahershala Ali. Bassam Tariq is already attached as director. Besides, not much casting was discussed. However, that has changed this week. The name of the star was attached to the prince of darkness on the internet. The rumor about Dracula arrives just before the San Diego Comic-Con. Online discussions indicate the big announcement that Star as Dracula will also be made at SDCC.

There were several reputable ones Marvel sites that have all said that the Star rumor is really true. This only made fans double the fact that this could be true.

We won’t have to wait long to see if the rumor that Star is playing Dracula in Blade it’s true or not, because Comic Con and its Marvel panels are due to arrive next week.

Star would have taken over the role of the Marvel comic Dracula’s tomb. Blade made its first appearance in Dracula’s tomb in 1973 and since then he has become a recurring iconic character.


There is still no official word on the plot of the future Marvel Blade movie. Star’s addition would be wonderful, but for now, that addition must be taken with a grain of salt.

We’ll know more when Comic-Con arrives in San Diego and new announcements will be made. Hopefully at that point, we’ll see a full new teaser trailer and a full panel for his long-awaited return. Blade.

Do you think Anthony Star would fit in well? Blade’s nemesis Dracula? Let us know!

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