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It is rumored that Johnny Depp will continue to play “Beetlejuice”.

Well, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been stars of the world for the past few months. Unfortunately, not for their work in movies and instead for a toxic relationship that I’m glad to see both of them. But now it looks like Johnny Depp could star in Tim Burton’s movie Beetlejuice continuation.

Apparently, you have fans Beetlejuice he recently discovered that Depp’s name was on the call sheet for the sequel. The long follow-up in gestation has a release date in 2025 at the moment.


Burton and Depp have mated many times in the past, so it would be great to see them work together again.

Of course, at this point this can only be taken as a rumor, as there is no solid confirmation from the studio. But it didn’t stop us from being very excited and dreaming about the position Depp could play.

Could Depp and Winona Ryder play the role of husband and wife? Or could Depp play another member of the Deetz family who comes to collect the inheritance and try to live in the house again?

We’re totally excited about any role Depp may play, but the one we’re hoping for is that a rival demon could play. Beetlejuice. In fact, we are the most hopeful. If we got to see Keaton and Depp walking devilishly on our feet, we’d be in a month. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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