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  • “Little Witch in The Woods” allows you to create potions and practice magic alone in the forest and is perfect

“Little Witch in The Woods” allows you to create potions and practice magic alone in the forest and is perfect

If we could all be left alone to practice magic in the forest. The little witch in the woods it’s a really special experience that allows you to do just that. It also fits strangely well into the world of Miyazaki and his movies. Sunny Side Up Creative The little witch in the woods was recently released and has since enjoyed thousands of players taking on the role of Ellie as she begins her magical journey as an apprentice.

In the The little witch in the woods, discover a small house and start learning how to mix potions, use spells and perfect your craft. Ellie uses her magic for good and begins to help all the villagers in need.


The game’s creative system is simple yet complex enough to keep you entertained with many, many potions you’ll need to do. In addition to a fantastic crafting system, the game also establishes a beautiful financial system in which Ellie can sell her potions to the villagers to improve their own equipment or to learn recipes for new potions to use.

There are a lot of tasks to keep you busy throughout, as you go through the main story of the game.

This is truly a very zen and relaxing experience. No big action scenes or big bosses to fight. Just a witch who makes spells and potions and sells her wares to improve her own equipment and continue to learn more skills.

The crafting system itself is a lot of fun. You can put them together using recipes from the spellbook. This is to make sure you add the right ingredients to the pot, making sure you set the right heat on the burner and of course in which direction and how to mix. Ingredients can be gathered outside at different times of the day or night, so for much of the game you will spend time looking for ingredients in their hometowns.


The real gain is to discover the upgrade system and realize how much it will cost to fully operate in your cabin. Being a witch is great and everything, but it’s not cheap. You need to keep selling your potions to the villagers who need help. Instead, they offer more missions or other rewards … like a broom to fly on!

Sometimes the games feel good. Sometimes the games are completely zen and their magic comes from their ability to exist discreetly and somehow manages to keep you intensely involved. Playing as Ellie and making your way through her apprenticeship as a witch is a complete magical experience. The crafting system never loses its stern, and the experience is a pleasant way to relax after a hard day or maybe after you need to shed your blood after playing Elden Ring. It’s just a great experience and if you love witches as much as I do, you’ll enjoy it all the more.

The little witch in the woods is now available on Xbox, Microsoft, and even Mac. You can currently find it for free on Game Pass if you are a subscriber.

4 eyes out of 5

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