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Matthew Lillard and Josh Hutcherson Cast in ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’

The one social media platform that celebrities seem to shy away from is TikTokk. Whatever the reason, the video site is great for music lovers, but horror buffs will have to do some research if they want to find people or icons of their genre.

We at iHorror we have compiled a list of some famous TikTokers that you might find interesting. Some have upcoming movies in the works, and others you may already know from past favorites. Either way, take a look at what we’ve gathered from tick library and let us know if we missed anyone or anything.

What can we say, the original final girl herself is an official TikToker and has uploaded some great videos. She lets her fans peek into her life as a superstar, including behind-the-scenes Halloween footage, red carpet appearances, or just funny rants.

@jamieleecurtis The last girl. The final fight. Dirty. Crude. #HalloweenEnds 🎃 #bts #behind the scenes ♬ original sound – jamieleecurtis

While not the first, he might be the most memorable Jason Voorhees in the entire franchise. This actor, stuntman, and author not only uploads videos of himself posing with his fans, but also sells official merchandise from his personal collection.

@kanehodder_official Please follow the new page, THE OFFICIAL KANE HODDER FAN CLUB on Facebook!! Happy Halloween!!!🎃💀🧡🖤☠️🤘🏻🎃 #kanehodder #Friday the 13th #jasonvoorhees #fan #Halloween #fyp #viral #tic-tac-toe #horror #horrortok #fyp #Frightening ♬ Friday The 13th Main Theme (feat. Jason Voorhees) [From Friday The 13th] – Steve Jablonsky

This is a fun page that represents all things Chucky. As the killer doll has made a critically acclaimed resurgence over the past few years, he’s back with more lyrics, sensitive content warnings and plenty of funny videos.

@chuckyisreal You are all coal MFs #chucky ♬ this is our dance da credit lol – kara

With a new one Scream the movie hits theaters in early 2023, what better way to keep up with all of Ghostface’s shenanigans than by watching his TikToks. The videos feature funny bits with the cast, trailers and hilarious skits. In a bit of inspired content, the original Ghostface sings Taylor Swift’s “I’m the problem” in Drew Barrymore’s iconic scene from the first film.

@screammovies On Wednesdays, I kill cinnamon rolls. #Scream6 #JennaOrtega #MelissaBarrera #Wednesday ♬ original sound – Ghostface

Odessa has been magnificent recently Hellraiser reboot. Although her TikTok page links to the film, it’s also full of her reaction to funny videos, impromptu updates and slices of life. The actress is also a singer with a single called “Alone” coming out later this month.

@odessa.azion ♬ Ice Me Out – Kash Doll

This new scream queen knocked everyone’s socks off in the last movie, and now that there’s a new one on the horizon, her TikTok page might be worth a watch. The actor doesn’t immerse himself so much in movies, but plays with the many filters offered by the platform. Still, it’s nice to see that side and maybe more content in the future.

@jasminsavoybrown I’m wearing @Prada !!!!! with @gabrielasage ♬ original sound – Tik Toker

The second killer doll on this list. Everyone is talking about M3GAN and this page is full of content from the movie. Of course, there’s that viral dance video and short clips, but as the film gets closer to release, we’re sure more craziness will be uploaded by then.


surround yourself with people who can match your energy

♬ original sound – meetm3gan

You may remember her as Charlie in Ari Aster’s “Hereditary,” but Milly Shapiro also starred in the original Broadway production of “Matilda.” Today, she uses TikTok as a place to upload funny memes, sing the occasional song, or mouth the lines of a popular sound to everyone’s amusement.


ohio is not real as it is but im not in ohio maybe come say hi pls

♬ Bag of brick or soup – Oli

Lauren played the role of the last girl in “Terrifier 2”. With the success of that film, there is definitely a sequel on the horizon. But until then check out her TikTok page where she takes off her angel wings and shows off her softer and funnier side.

@laurenlavera #Inverted #inverted filter ♬ original sound – Mitch Harden

Mason starred as Finney in this year’s horror hit “The Black Phone.” His page is full of behind-the-scenes footage and B-roll. While he isn’t exactly full of content, perhaps he’ll upload a bit more as his career progresses.

@masonthames More #bts #theblackphone ♬ Main Title (from The Black Phone) – Mark Korven

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