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“Minor” – A dive into Lovecraftian madness with a twist [Trailer]

Fancy being shark friendly? If so, you’ll be happy to know that all four movies from Jaw the franchise will strike Netflix (USA) enabled 1st of September.

Jaw was the first critically acclaimed summer movie, but has suffered as a series as the years have progressed (has anyone determined if any of the sharks in the sequels are in any way related to the original?)

First, you have the coveted Jaw from 1975, then the so-so sequel, then the creepy third and finally the confusing fourth. However, if you haven’t seen them in a while, then bingeing them on Netflix could be a distraction over the weekend, as the “exit menu” button is just a fingertip away if you dare to go further. Jaws 2.

The good news is that they are arranged chronologically from best to worst, so if you hated Jaws 3 then chances are you despise Jaws: Revenge, a money grab that makes no sense. On the other hand, play legendary Michael Caine and a contested Jamaican accent Mario Van Peebles which somehow steals the show. Ironically, the fourth film has some pretty good shark practical effects.

Just two years before Jaw is celebrating its golden anniversary, its scheme has inspired almost countless scams. But no matter how hard filmmakers try (and there have been some good shark movies in the last 50 years), no one can capture the terror of the original.

In 2013, Sharknado, a pseudo-spoof of both the killer shark and disaster movie genres, was released and became a viral hit. The film was re-released in theaters for a limited time this month, celebrating its 10th anniversary.

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