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Neon Noir Unveils ‘Brute 1976’: A Tribute to Horror Classics – New Photos!

Many horror films of the 1970s had a raw and raw feel, partly due to lower budgets and less polished production style. This contributed to a more realistic and unsettling atmosphere, immersing viewers in a visceral experience. Movies from this era also invested time in developing iconic characters and villains! The 1970s were a time of cultural and social upheaval, with concerns about family, authority, and the American dream. Horror films of this period often tapped into these anxieties, reflecting the cultural spirit and resonating with audiences.

That being said, it’s no wonder why horror fans love movies that pay homage to 1970s horror classics. Neon Noir, the production company formed by Marcel Walz, Sarah Frenchand Joe Knetterthey just finished production on their third film, Raw 1976and the film promises to pay tribute to him The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The hills have eyes.

Marcel Walz, the director behind films such as BLIND, Cute boy, Feast of Bloodand That’s A Wrap, consistently delivers a distinctive style characterized by a beautiful color palette, intense gore, and a penchant for going over the top. Given his track record, I have no doubt that his latest film will continue this trend and not disappoint.

Raw 1976

Synopsis: “In 1976, Raquel and her friend have car trouble and crash on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. They come across an abandoned mine and decide to explore it.

At the same time, a group of people are in the desert for the photo shoot. The plan is to take a salt and pepper style photo to celebrate the Bicentennial unity sweeping the nation. The cover of the magazine will feature two models, Roxy and Raquel. Since Raquel doesn’t show up, he enlists Sunshine, the make-up artist, to take her place.

After filming, they came across an abandoned town called Savage. He has a history of being very violent, but has been free for years. It’s a perfect place to explore and take some photos. But they are not alone. A family of masked psychopaths have claimed Savage as their own and are determined to uphold the name.”

Raw 1976

Movie stars Adrian McLean (The miracles of Christmas), Sarah French (BLIND), Gigi Gustin (The retaliators), and Dazelle Yvette (The Garden of Eden) Adam Bucci (NCIS Los Angeles).

The film is Executive Produced by Dirk Schürmann and Tobias Schürmann.

The director of photography is Marcus Friedlanderwho also shot Neon Noir’s previous films, This is a Wrap (streaming across North America now) and The Garden of Eden.

Raw 1976 – PHOTO by Kane Blust

Here’s what the team had to say about the film:

“I’ve always been a big fan of ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ and ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. Both the originals and the remakes. “Brute 1976″ was an amazing experience to shoot; it was hot, dirty, and full of blood. I’m sure the audience will feel that on screen.” – Marcel Walz, director.

“Brute is our love letter to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which I consider to be the greatest horror film of all time. Shooting in the desert presented many challenges, but our cast and crew really delivered something special. – Joe Knetter, writer.

“We got down and dirty and bloody and brutal in the Nevada desert with this one, and you can feel it. Marcel, Joe and I have always been horror fans, and to be able to bring a film like ‘Brute 1976’ to life was a dream come true.” – Sarah French, actress.

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