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New scenarios are being created for I Am Legend 2 and Constantine 2

Now that the summer heat is forcing us all indoors for the season, we need to add some horror movies to our streaming lineup. Luckily, you have iHorror to round up all the movies for you. Below are all the horror movies coming to streaming platforms this week.

Cabin Girl airs July 12 on Tubi

Cottage girl Movie poster

Live streamers have an interesting relationship with the world. They have the potential to earn an insane amount of money. However, most people don’t seem to have a very good opinion of the profession.

Whether the preset facial responses or the repeated instructions to smash that like button created a pavlovian hate response is anyone’s guess. What I can say is that it created a fun sub-genre of horror influence.

Cottage girl is a Tubes original that aims to take on this emerging sub-genre. This partially found footage footage seems to add a more suspenseful entry to what was primarily a horror comedy genre. Cottage girl will be broadcast exclusively on July 12 Tubes.

Bird Box Barcelona Streaming July 14th on Netflix

Bird Box Barcelona Movie poster

What’s worse than a mysterious entity that forces those who see it to kill themselves? Well, a cult that idolizes these monsters probably wouldn’t help. The highly anticipated spin-off, Bird Box Barcelona, revolves around this premise.

Netflix went hard at casting for this one. This movie has the main role Georgina Campbell (Barbaric), Mario Casas (Bar), and Diego Calva (BABYLON). And it is co-written by Josh Malerman (The bird box), Davide Shepherd (Carriers), and Alex Shepherd (The last days).

This movie is one of the most anticipated streaming movies of the summer. If Netflix will achieve the same success without a book as a starting point is yet to be determined. Bird Box Barcelona will stream exclusively on Netflix on July 14.

The Flood comes to VOD on July 14th

flood Movie poster

Okay, time for some genre mashups. flood they throw so many themes at us in this trailer, i think i may have whiplash. But since climate change is coming for all of us, this can be considered a learning material.

We have unprecedented storms, convicts holed up in a small town, a jailbreak, and for some reason this whole scenario involves massive alligators. Honestly, the movie looks fantastic.

Lionsgate brings us flood. Which I can only hope means we’ll see a resurgence of big budget animal horror movies. flood will be broadcast on Video on Demand services on July 14.

Quicksand Streaming July 14 on Shudder

Quicksand Movie poster

Here’s one for all the kids who grew up thinking quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it was. The film asks a simple question; How long could you survive in a quicksand pit?

This devilishly simple premise is brought to us by Matt Pitts (Cloverfield). Movie stars Andrés Castañeda (Love in the time of cholera), Sebastian Eslava (PABLO), and Carolina Gaitan (Enchanting).

The trailer of this movie makes us believe that the plot will expand beyond its simple premise. Even if that’s not the case, people who are terrified of the living should be in for a treat. Quicksand will broadcast exclusively on Thrill on July 14.

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