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Norman Reedus’ solo spinoff series “Walking Dead” finds its showrunner

zombies the spin-off would have seen Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride in their ongoing adventures together. However, the sad news came recently that McBride will not join Reedusf. The reason behind the decision may be that McBride’s character could die in the final episodes of zombies. Eventually. In any case, Reedus’ spin-off will feature showrunner David Zabel.

Zabel’s addition is surprising. It was originally going to be Angela Kang. After all, Kang is the one who managed to make the show good again, after Scott Gimple managed to really ruin things for a good part of The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, Kang will skip the Reedus series as a showruner. However, he will continue his involvement as an executive producer! So not everything is completely lost.

zombies it became all about spin-offs. Fear of the living, The World Beyond, Dead in the water, Stories about…and, of course, the spin-off Maggie and Negan Island of the Dead. So, even with the end of the primary show, we certainly have a great future Dead look forward to it. Of course, that includes Rick Grimes movies.


What do you think about all this? Walking dead spin-offs? Do you think he is doing too much? You’d be surprised to find out zombies It really became great again after a huge break at one point, with Gimple at the helm. What I’m saying is, “zombies awful ”but I haven’t seen Kang as a showrunner in the last two seasons, I’ll say you still don’t know the whole story. Come back and give it a try. Now, if you’ve seen them all and you still think it’s awful … well, maybe you just don’t like zombie movies and shows.

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