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“Orphan: First Kill” has a creepy black light poster

The black mirror is finally on the way back. Humanity vs technology twilight zone The series is one of the darkest in the world thanks to its creator Charlie Brooker. The newest season is currently in production and it looks like actress Zazie Beetz has wrapped up her episode.

While doing press for Bullet Train, the actress was asked about her episode in The black mirror. Without going into any spoilers, Beetz gave a few answers which are very The black mirror.

“I just got off this shoot, actually. We just shot that in June,” Beetz told Deadline. “I wouldn’t say my character has a lot of fun, but… I think there’s a really great dark element, a kind of premonition. The mirror that reflects back on us.”

Summary for The black mirror it goes like this:

Set in a world just minutes from our own, “Black Mirror,” an unhosted UK-US anthology series; reveals how modern technologies can turn against their creators, with each episode set in a slightly different reality with different characters fighting against different types of technology.

We’ll make sure to keep you posted on all things The black mirror as the new season wraps up production and as we get release date news. We have high hopes for this season’s episodes. The world has really hit a brick wall with COVID. So, it will take a long time to compare with our real world horrors.

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