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Outback Horror returns with the brutal ‘Beaten To Death’

Bonnie Aarons plays the role of the titular demon Valek in the adjuration universe spin-off Nun. Conformable The Hollywood Reportershe is suing Warner Bros. for what she claims are shortfalls in merchandising income when it comes to her contracted likeness.

“Instead of accounting and paying in a transparent manner,” the lawsuit states, “Warner Bros. hide and conceal the true amount of Ms. Aarons’ rightful share of the merchandising revenue, all while continuing to exploit her.”

Aaron’s face is distinctive and her character is crucial to the film’s success, it’s literally in the title.

When she asked the studio to show her the revenue receipts for her character, they complied, but she claims that what they presented was “inconsistent with the extensive marketing activities” regarding her character in the film horror.

Additionally, she asked the studio to share her books in full transparency, and they did, but again she claims it was a “spreadsheet that contained line items that corresponded to only a fraction of the known licenses.”

Because she and Warner Bros. have a contractual agreement on the percentage of monetization she receives from the backend, she believes – after seeing the numbers – that she is in violation of that agreement.

Here’s how THR describe the dispute:

“The complaint alleges breach of contract and breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which prohibits acting in a manner that undermines the benefits to the other party to an agreement.”

The dispute may come to light because the sequel to the original starring Aaron, Nun ylis set to hit theaters on September 6. He is expected to they are successful opening because it hits theaters right after Labor Day weekends. And with Halloween coming up, Valek could be one of the most popular horror movie characters people will choose as a costume, and that should mean money in Aarons’ pocket.

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