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  • Panic Fest 2022 Review: “Dascham” is a horror comedy with found footage of the world’s worst person

Panic Fest 2022 Review: “Dascham” is a horror comedy with found footage of the world’s worst person

When you watch horror movies, there is often a complaint that a character, often the main character, makes all the wrong choices because of his stupidity or his own hatred. Board room is a film that takes this trope and raises it to 11.

The story follows Annie Hardy (played by Annie Hardy, a more exaggerated version of her), a vain Youtuber, live streamer and sharing driver, with many right-wing views, conspiratorial and offensive and devoid of any filter other than to get a raise. from everyone and everyone around her. Deciding to leave the relatively freer COVID blocking restrictions for the UK, she connects with a former bandmate of hers, named Stretch (Amar Chadha-Patel), whom she reopens by surprising him while he is still in bed asleep as she broadcasts it live. Neither her friend nor her enemy are safe from Annie’s troubles. While accompanying Stretch as a delivery man, Annie decides to take a well-paid concert, only to find out too late that she’s upset while broadcasting it live to a hungry audience …

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Board room it won’t be for everyone, I can tell from the beginning. People may like a character who is evil or evil, but someone who is mean and annoying is a much deeper challenge. But it is one that I hope the audience will meet, as this is another remarkable film with images found from director / writer Rob Savage of HOST infamy! Moving on from one more Paranormal activity The story of supernatural found footage zoomed in on a horror comedy of crazy found footage that feels in line with something like The Evil Dead. I don’t want to ruin anything and I want to keep as many surprises as possible, but Board room it turns in all sorts of wild directions that I just didn’t see coming.

But if you’re looking for madness and gore, the movie is for you. As for the cast, Annie Hardy is our POV character, because this is essentially her ill-intentioned show of music, taken away from the rails. And her character is very disgusting. But giving an answer to why someone would continue to film in a movie found despite the danger. She wants those clicks and attention! He is also incredibly short-sighted. She often has to be held back by Stretch, who acts as a figure of reason for her, even if she is about to shake hands with a fast-food restaurant manager. Honestly, although it should stand out that we have a horror movie in which the main character is a colossal bastard.

The story almost follows a Crypt stories style approach in which much of the danger and madness takes place not because Annie is in the wrong place at the wrong time or because she made a small mistake. She is constantly confused and takes responsibility until it is too late. Not unlike many social media influencers.

Board room It’s a hell of a ride, and if you have the stomach for it, I hope you’ll try.

4 eyes out of 5

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